Saturday, January 2, 2016

Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 22

Daniella returned home after her long night with Victor. They’d said a lot tonight and there was still more to be shared between them. She wasn’t ready to share her heart with him…at least not yet. She didn’t want to be just another woman he got involved in, there were already one too many on his list. She was special. She told herself he was still hurting and obviously looking for a shoulder to cry on which, luckily for him, she had two to spare. But, she didn’t want him to cling to her. She wasn’t even sure of herself; her feelings for him or rather his misfortunes. Could she be with a man with so much baggage and at this young age?

It usually went the other way around. The woman comes into the relationship with bruises and scars to her heart if not her face, and a broken heart for sure that needed fixing after dealing with enough wrong men who she for a second believed loved her. However, this time, the table as they said was turning…spinning even. Victor was the one who needed saving from himself and the women from his past who never stayed in the past.

As if she was about to take on the role as his guardian angel, whatever that required, Daniella began to formulate plans as she laid in her bed. First, he needed a Friend and not a Lover. She agreed and wrote it down in her heart that could betray her whenever she wasn’t on guard, because there was no doubt she had some feelings for the man. But a friend, he needed that more than a woman who could warm his bed. She was sure Cynthia had done more than enough of that for him, but still, she’d left their bed cold when she left. She hadn’t looked back, she’d done it out of selfishness and greed.

 Daniella shivered. The fear of turning out to be like another Cynthia was another reason why she refused to accept Victor’s offer to continue his discussion with the professor she’d met at his office the other day. She didn’t want him to think he needed to do anything for her. She was offering him what money could easily buy. He could pay a therapist who only care about the job he or she was payed to do, and not about him in all actuality, and he could talk for hours if he pleased, but she wanted him to know that all the money in the world wasn’t enough to buy her friendship. She was giving it to him without any expectations. She hoped he knew.

Christmas came, and it came way faster than anticipated. For a twenty-two years old, there really wasn’t much for Daniella do on a day like this apart from bringing home Christmas to her younger siblings. After abandoning working at the club, Daniella resumed her other job at her aunt’s hair salon. She hadn’t resigned from that job either, she just hadn’t gone as frequently as she’d lied to her mother about. After one full week of working non-stop at the salon, she was able to raise enough money to get her siblings the best clothes for Christmas. And her job was done.

As the day became dryer, the street that was once flooded with children in their Christmas outfits emptied. The excitement was dying down but not her anxious spirit. She began to grow more worried. She’d expected him to reach out to her especially on today, but it’d been a few days since their night together and Victor hadn’t contacted her. Daniella had added this to the list the made the other night, she was never going to reach out to him. If he needed her, he knew where to find her. She turned her eyes away from the clock and away from her cellphone.

Victor had been successful at staying away from his cellphone until her call came through. He absolutely couldn’t refuse to answer. It was Cynthia. Her invisible magnet was pulling him in again. Opposite ends did attract and his case was proof of it.

“Now you want Christmas, the next would be birthdays, Valentine’s day and this mess continues again. I can’t do it.”

“All she wanted today was to have you around. And yes, we received your gift but she wanted you to be there when she opened it.” Cynthia had sent him a text to come home for Christmas. Victor had neither gone to the place she called home nor replied to her text messages. She said her daughter had spent the whole day crying, waiting on the man she believed was her father to come home. She'd finally decided to call him, hoping she could convince him to come home.

But to her dissatisfaction, Victor replied saying, “Have her dressed, I’ll come get her. It’s time we end this…it’s gone too far.”

“Come get her?” she repeated in indignation. “And what’s gone too far? Do you think I'm making this up? You’d better not be thinking of doing what I think you’re thinking of doing. Don’t you dare tell her the truth! Don’t you dare! I see the way she looks at me like I’m some evil woman from those fairy tale stories she watches. You’re not going to turn my child against me!”

With a sigh he continued, “Look, I don’t want to fight you, but I’m done playing the main character in the movie you’re trying to write. It’s going to be a new year in a few days, I don’t want to spend the remaining days of 2015 mourning the life we could have had together, and I’m definitely not going to enter 2016 with you tied like a rope around my neck. It all ends today. Get ready, because I’m coming...”

Looks like Victor has gotten his new year's resolution down...
1) Do you think he has the balls to pull this through? Or will he chicken out?
2) What's your new year's resolution?


  1. Thank God victor finally decided to act like a man.

    Thanks for the update.

    #welcome to 2016 !

    1. First comment for 2016 goes to you! Happy New Year Vivian!

  2. Thanks peace

    I hope he won't chicken out cos I want this romance breewing between him and daniella to blossom.

  3. But I kinda believe he will chicken out tho!!

  4. I truly hope he wont chicken out
    But great storyline so far Peace
    Thanks so much for keeping us reading
    Absolutely love your stories✌

  5. I truly hope he wont chicken out
    But great storyline so far Peace
    Thanks so much for keeping us reading
    Absolutely love your stories✌


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