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Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 23

The gate was unlock, allowing him to come inside. After knocking several times on the front door without any response from the inside, Victor activated his panicky mood. He wiggled the door knob for the first time and surprisingly, the door gave out a squeaky sound. It was unlock. Victor wasted no more time and barged into the room. The emptiness that greeted him had him staggering backwards in alarm. Yes, there were furniture in the room. The TV was still in its position, everything looked intact. But there was no single sign of Cynthia and her daughter.

          Victor gave her the benefit of the doubt and rushed into Iffy’s room, but the result was the same––she wasn’t there. Her bed was neatly arranged as if no one had been living there for months. While still in the room, he pulled out his cellphone and hit the number one button. Yes, she was on his speed dial for this particular reason. The phone rang for a few seconds before she answered.

          “Where are you?” Victor asked stiffly, the veins in this head become visible in anger. 

          “Did you think I was going to wait for you? Victor,” she paused, “you really haven’t learned a thing or two about me, have you? I didn’t wait for you while you were in prison, what made you think I would wait for you now?”

“Just tell me where you are…” he asked, slamming Iffy’s bedroom door behind him.

“My daughter and I are safe, but I wouldn’t bet my money that it would be for long.”

          “Argh!” he grunted loudly. She was tormenting him and she liked it, having him under thumb was always easily and with Iffy as her magic card, she could pull all sorts of stunts on him. “Why are you doing this?” he asked after he felt his pulse slow down a bit. If he was to deal with her with all the anger he had surging through his vein, he knew things would only get worse––like adding more gasoline to an already wild fire.

“You made me do it. I warned you that I would take her away and you’ll never see her again. I did.”

“What, what do you want? Money? Come back, just come back and I’ll do whatever you want me to do. I promise you on my life, I will.”

“As a matter of fact, there’s one thing left for you to do. Go to my room and you’ll find it there.” She immediately hung up. Cynthia was no longer interested in Victor’s monthly allowances, she wanted his entire live savings and she was going to get it.

He went into her room as instructed. There was a brown envelope on the bed. He broke through the seal with a quickness that made his hands shake. Drawing out the papers inside the envelope, a piece of paper fell out. He disregarded the paper and focused on reading the documents he had in his hands. It took him a minute before he realized that he was reading his own divorce papers. He staggered back powerlessly and fell on the bed. He then read the piece of paper that was next to him which said,

“What’s yours is mine. Husband.”

          Daniella was sitting with her mom in their small living room while her siblings were watching T.V. There was still a lot of Christmas rice left in the pot for whoever was hungry. But everyone was full. If her father was still with them, he would have told them that for today they had one more thing to thank God for. For the celebration of the life of Christ, his birthing being the reason why they could wake up to see another day. Since he wasn’t with them, their mother took it upon herself to continue his lectures.

          “Well we thank God that we’re still here. It’s been three years since he left us but God is still here. He hasn’t put us to shame.” Her mother said contently. “And thanks to your aunty who taught you how to make hair, we wouldn’t have been able to do Christmas this year.” Her daughter smiled cheaply, knowing she’d been lying to her mother for some time about where some of the money they’d been using came from.

“But what are we going to do about you? You can’t work there forever, you have to continue with school…”  Daniella was about to put her mother’s mind to rest when she felt her cellphone vibrating in her laps. The caller ID displayed on the screen alerted her get up from where she sat with her mother. She moved to her bedroom before answering.

“Hello.” she said causally even though she’d been expecting this call all day. She removed all excitement from her voice and said, “Happy Christmas, I mean Merry Christmas.” She corrected herself.

          “Come outside.” Victor demanded in a sharp voice.
          “What? You’re here?”

          “Alright, give me a minute.”

Daniella appeared back into the living room with a jacket in hand to cover up the tank top she had on and to shield herself from the harmattan cool evening. “Mama I’m coming.” She told her mother and was out before her mother could question her any further.

          His car was parked in the same spot he always parked it in front of their house. He shot a lazy smile her way when he saw her. Seeing her gave him a drop of hope. He didn’t leave his car, afraid he would fall before he got to her. Daniella waved at him hoping he would come out but instead, he stayed glued inside his car.

She joined him. “It seems we’re always meeting at night.” She said jestingly, entering his car.

          “She wants a divorce.” Victor countered, not looking at the woman beside him whose facial expression was as blank as a white sheet of paper.

          “Isn’t that a good thing?” she questioned, but what she really wanted to know was why he was looking as if the divorce meant anything to him, as if he didn’t want her to leave. She straightened herself well in the car and asked, “Do you have a good lawyer? If you don’t, I know one. You can beat this,” she added confidently, facing him. Victor wished he had as much confidence as she had. He found himself always being the victim no matter what he did. Today was supposed to the day he needed his many years in slavery to one woman. Today he was supposed to break the chains that she’d tied his feet and his hands with, but she was always one step ahead of him, always smarter than he was and he hated it!

          “Do you know what I wanted to do today? I could have ended it all. I was planning on going over to her place and calling everything quit not knowing she’d already been planning this divorce ahead of time. She’s always one step ahead!” he shouted, beating his sterling wheel. The car honked several times as he continued pounding the center of the wheel. Daniella stayed quiet, and beside him. That was what mattered the most––someone was beside him.

          When he let out a deep breath and fell back on his seat, Daniella took the opportunity to hold his hand. She looked at him and said quietly, “You can’t win every fight, some aren’t yours to win. You didn’t win todays, but tomorrow is another day.” Then she leaned in and place a tender kiss on his lips.


  1. Hmmmm divorce..hope she loses everything including her daughter

  2. Nice episode

    I just hope she will meet her doom very Soon.

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  3. Why is he so bothered? She isn't his child. DNA will prove it. In a court of law, that'll cut down on the earnings she can get like child support etc. She's a nasty so and so and deserves to pay for her crimes and have her daughter taken away from her. She isn't even remorseful.

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    1. I posted this 7 days ago and you're just now reading it. So I'll say it again Mr. Daniel, (whispering) "this isn't my full time job. That's why posting is slow."


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