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Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 24

Two Weeks Later…

“But what if we lose today.” Victor said to himself but out loud, enough for the sleeping woman beside him to hear.

“So what if we lose?” Daniella whispered her head on his empty chest. It’d been a week since Victor found the divorce notice from Cynthia. Daniella had played a major role in getting him to stay well-balanced within the past weeks. They’d found a good lawyer, someone who had promised them that they had nothing to worry about, but with Victor being who he is, the reassuring words from his lawyer had done nothing to keep him calm. But that was why he had her, he reminded himself.

“I thought you were asleep?”  He smiled down at Daniella. Just having her by his side had him feeling like the biggest winner in the universe for brief second. In a good way, she always found a way to keep reality far away from him. The way she understood and cared of him never failed to take his breath away. Last night had been their first night together. They’d found a way to not drown their selves in the murkiness of what was to come. She’d fallen asleep in his arms after watching and listening to old Naija songs.

“What is sleep when you obviously haven’t fallen asleep?” She replied mounting up to check her cellphone for the time.

“Seven-thirty...” Victor told her before she could check.

“Seven what?! Which kin sleep I sleep?” she turned on her phone regardless of what he’d told her, believing he was lying.

“We went to bed or you went to bed pretty late. You dozed off at like three this morning.”  He explained. “You need the sleep considering what we’ll be doing today.” He mentioned, welcoming his worries back home. He removed his back from the bed post, sitting erect with his palms folded together.

“Are you scared?” Daniella probed, wrapping her arms around his neck. She planted a soft kiss on his bare back and whispered in between the kiss, saying, “Anything could happen…”

“You’re right.” He straightened his shoulders. “I could be on the losing end,”

“Either end wouldn’t cause you much damage. If you lose, then give her whatever the court orders you to, anything as long as you’re free from her. Now,” she came around to face him and released his folded palms and wrapped his hands around her waist. “If you win, you’d be free. Either way, you’re winning somehow so there’s nothing to be worried about, we got this…”

Looking at her speak had him emotionally wising he’d met her first. “Why didn’t God send you to me eight years ago?” he asked, tightening his hold on her, unable to believe he’d wasted his life away all these years with the wrong women when the right one had been…

“Fifteen, I was fifteen years old eight years ago,” she said with a laugh, “I’m a big believer that there’s a purpose for everything… This moment is right and our meeting, as awkward as it’d been, it was perfect.”

Her words hadn’t helped with his apprehensive feelings. He still felt God had wronged him in some way by making him go through hell to find happiness at last, but as Daniela had said, “The journey, however rough it has been, it was all worth it. If you hadn’t met those two women, you would have never met me. What was once thought of as a curse is now a blessing.” 

She was right, he told himself. It was time for him to stop mopping around in the past and embrace the blessing Daniela talked about. He settled her on the bed and stood up courageously. And with the confidence that had been once foreign to him he said to her, “Go get ready; we don’t want to be late.” She saw a new sparkle in his eyes, not that any had been there before. She innocently took all the credit for it and rushed ahead of him to do as he’d requested.

Court rooms weren’t his thing, it was no ones. You’re either here because you’d done something to someone or someone had done something to you. He wasn’t pleased at all to be taking the stand for the second time within five years. But he’d promised himself to be brave for Daniella. He was going to be a man she could count on from now on, a strong man also, someone who knew who he was and could control his emotions. He would be all that for her. So he took another step into the slightly packed room with her by his side.

Victor looked around the room for any sign of Cynthia. Daniella did the same. She had never met her before. She wanted to see the woman who had been behind every ill-fate Victor had had. Her curiosity had quickly paid off, a young lady walked into the room just in time for Daniella to take her sit. She knew it had to be her because his hands which she held in her warm palm went cold.

Cynthia was wearing a white dress. No makeup but her beauty was the last thing that will be in question today. The woman was drop dead gorgeous––no wonder she was able to destroy the friendship of two men who were once like brothers, Daniella thought, tensely looking at her. As Cynthia walked towards the witness stand, her lawyer followed behind her. She walked passed them without looking their way but her lawyer stopped for a quick “hi” with a lousy smile on his face, it made Daniella shiver. She wondered if Cynthia had already slept with the man because his confidence level was well off.

“I have to go now.” Victor told her, kissing her briefly on her cheek.

“I’ll be here, praying for you.” She told him and let him go.

          Standing beside Cynthia and preparing to go to war against her was the last thing he’d dreamt would ever come off of their relationship. He hadn’t failed to notice that there was no sign of Iffy. After today, he could either be given the chance to see that little girl again or he’ll be no more than a stranger to her. Either way was fine, he reassured himself, remembering Daniella’s words. He didn’t once turn to look back at her, afraid she would see him struggling to stand still­­––that was if she hadn’t already.

          The judge––a woman walked in and the court was in session.

          “Mrs. Wellington,”

          “Yes your honor, that would be me, but I’m hoping it don’t be for long.” Cynthia specified boldly.

          “Please tell me your relationship with Mr. Victor Wellington, here,” she read her notes, “there seem to be more than one explanation. I’ll like for you to clear it up.”

          “Your honor, I am Mr. Wellington's wife, or was his wife,”

          “And what is the reason for seeking a divorce from your husband? Tell me something about how you met.”

          “Victor and I met at a friend’s engagement party. It was love at first sight. We were married in less than a year. After a few month of being married, we decided it was time to expand our family and we tried several times but we were unable to conceive. And then one day my husband came to me about a solution. My husband wanted me to sleep with his best friend and have his child which would be our baby. James… may his soul rest in peace agreed to the arrangement and…”


Sorry for the very late-late post. Semester just kicked off with a lot of ugliness and I’m over here trying to get it together. I believe in starting strong, you know… and ending close to strong. But once I’m settled, I’ll write and post more frequently. I hope you enjoyed reading this chapter. Next few chapters leading to the ending will be jaw dropping! Keep reading!


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