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Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 25

For Victor, it was as if he was sitting in the audience, there to support a friend and not him who was the actual victim of a well cooked up lie. He wished he could stop her but instead he found himself looking back a Daniella who held a straight face forward. Did she believe any of the lies Cynthia had said so far?

Daniella smiled forcefully. She had never once thought that her faith in Victor would be shook up. But with the new daunting details Cynthia had spilled out she wasn’t so sure if she could trust herself not to believe what she wasn’t sure yet again was the truth or a lie. She would see it through; she would stand by him until her feet can no longer bear the weight. She promised herself to.

Cynthia continued, spattering lies with a striking honesty that could break through every truth there was. Her voice shook, cracked and quavered from the forced lump of tears in her throat as she went on, rendering her explanation of what had happened. Today, she was playing the victim, a wife who has been wronged. Her main goal was to gain sympathy from the judge who luckily was a woman––she will understand.

“At first I couldn’t believe my husband would ever want his wife to agree to such…such,” she paused, dapping her tear with the small handkerchief she brought along with her, knowing she was going to have to cry the court room a river in order to get their attention. “I later agreed to his request because I loved him and I wanted to please him.” she continued.

“Where is the real father of your daughter?” the judge asked, giving Cynthia a loophole to continue her desperate need to win. “He couldn’t be here because he’s no more. He’s dead.” She swallowed and wiped her tears away. “You see, after the baby came, my husband began to act funny…”

“Please explain…” said the judge, going through the pictures of a bruised woman laid out in front of her.

“After our baby came, he completely turned against me. He yelled and when he was drunk I became his punching bag.”

“Your honor,” Victor opposed, knowing that this was taking a completely different turn from what he’d expected. He could swear on his own life that he had never once raised his hand to hit a woman before and particularly Cynthia.  He had no idea where the evidence given to the judge appeared from.

“The evidence is right here except you’re saying it wasn’t you who left these bruises on your wife? You’ll get your turn to speak Mr. Wellington. Go on Mrs. Wellington,”

“I was only twenty-six when we got married and I couldn’t put myself through a life of abuse at twenty six and being only married for a year, and pregnant.”

“And you’re right,” the judge said. “No one should have to bear living with an abusive partner. You were too young and that’s the problem with most newlyweds today. The victim thinks he or she has to stay to make it work because you don’t want people to say negative things about you but these people are not living with you on a daily basis to see what you go through. They have never walked in your shoes. You don’t have to stay unless he’s willing to change which is very rare. You just don’t have to honey, that’s why we have a divorce court––to right your wrongs. But please continue,” the judge added, closing the folder of pictures.

“So after the baby came I decided to leave him. I left on June 15, 2008, three months after our baby arrived. I thought it was best to let him be. I know I shouldn’t have left my infant child with him but I had no choice. I knew he wouldn’t hurt the baby but after two years of running away from him, I couldn’t bear it anymore. The thoughts of the child I left behind had me crippled for those two years away from her. I came back to him for my child’s sake only to find another woman raising my baby girl. When I confront him about it, he said I could leave with my child. He said he couldn’t bear rising another man’s child any longer. He was angry when he left that day and that was the last time James was ever heard of again.

“Hmmm…and what happened to him? Did he just disappear?”

“No, James was found some days later with a bullet in his chest. Victor was arrested for murder.”

“Is that true?” the judge asked, her heated gaze now on Victor. Which part of the story was she asking about? From the first words that came spilling out of Cynthia’s mouth down to the part where she accused him again of murdering his best friend when in fact she’d already confessed to him who the real murderer was? He was being tempted if not tested to tell the truth that could send Cynthia to prison for the rest of her life but he who was he to destroy another human being? So he cowardly said yes to the judge’s question, guaranteed he would get the chance to clear his name later on.

The judge asked him for his side of the story, “You don’t need to start from the beginning, why don’t you tell me a little bit about your relationship from your point of view and especially your connection with the death of your friend.”

Victor felt as if his explanations were going through one ear and going out through the other but surprisingly after he finished, she asked him, “Mr. Wellington, are you trying to play the hero here because if you haven’t being listening to everything your soon to be ex-wife has been saying, you’re not only being accused of the crime of domestic violence, she’s also accused you of being a murderer. So to me, it’s either she’s lying and you’re trying to save this woman because she once held a special place in your heart or, she’s telling the truth. So which one is it?”

They both remained silent.

“I’m trying to help one of you if not both of you, but I have a wife who as a woman I feel a connection to her story but I have you, Mr. Victor, who based on what you’ve told me doesn’t seem like someone who would do all these dreadful things. And you were cleared, sorry, temporally cleared of the murder of James and until the investigation is concluded, I can’t call you a murderer. But I’m not sure if you really are a man who was betrayed by his wife and his friend, or if you’re a man who is hiding behind a mask.

“I’ve handled divorce cases for the past ten years and never have I met a couple like the both of you. I don’t think you people are ready for a divorce so until you’ve both found a mutual understanding for why you want to separate, I will hold my decision. Until then, the child in question remains with her mother…” the judge made her final statement and they were dismissed.

Victor joined Daniella who was already out of the court room. She was enraged when she saw him.

“You had the chance to end everything but you decided to play the role of the scape goat again! You could have pulled out your last card! You have a child by another woman! How the hell was it impossible for you and Cynthia to conceive? Why, why didn’t you tell the judge that? Did you suddenly forget you have a son?”

“Whoa…whoa, are you seriously getting mad at me right now?! I just stood in front of…”

“…Of a judge and chickened out! I thought we’d planned this, you go there and put that witch into an early grave but you made a fool out of yourself. Playing the good guy, we already know that doesn’t work. I don’t want to be saying these things right now but I am too young to be an accessory to this kind of drama. So when you’re ready to be a man about this, let me know but until then, I’ll be gone. I can’t do this…” she prepared herself to leave.

“Did you…do you believe her?” Victor asked desperately looking for something to hold on to. He was sure that a piece of all the lies Cynthia had told today had settled somewhere in Daniella and it was causing her to lash out on him. She was looking at him and speaking to him as if his hands were in handcuffs––already guilty as charged regardless of everything he’d explained to her in the past.

“Look Victor, I’m sorry but I’ve got to go.”

Daniella never looked back, so maybe something in what Cynthia had confessed had shook up her faith in Victor. She was no longer sure of what to believe. What if Victor was truly guilty as charged? What if he was only trying to make his wife out to be the devil? Well there was only one last thing Daniella felt was left to do to clear up her doubts––meet with the mother of his child.


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