Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Second Chance - Chapter Twenty-One

“Behind every tree there’s a new monster”
              —Todd Rundgren

There was an awkward silence between the two ladies after Aisha accused Bisola of meeting, dining and sleeping with the devil. Aisha wished she’d been told sooner maybe she would have been able to convince Bisola to let things go. She was finally making peace with what happened to her, she wished Bisola could too.

          Aisha exhaled in guilt. She believed Bisola was only trying to help her get justice. She should be thankful to her. No one had ever fought for her before except for that one time and one person she wasn’t ready to reveal to her friend.

          “I’m sorry for going off like that. I just don’t want you to get hurt in the middle of all this. One dead misfortunate girl is enough. But you have to promise me that you’ll never go to Ben again. Let’s just forget about everything and move on. I’m okay, if you are.” Aisha lied. Of course she wasn’t okay. She wanted to see Tunde pay for what he’d done to her but if it meant risking Bisola’s life, she wanted no part in it. She wanted to be gone––out of Bisola’s life before she succeeded in turning it upside down.

          Aisha had nothing to worry about; Bisola’s life was already turned inside out. It’d been two days since her sister left with Tunde on that pretense that she was coming to finally live with her big sister. She wasn’t only fighting for a friend, everything was now personal. She needed Ben as much as she needed to find her sister. She understood why Aisha was being cautious but if there was any chance of her getting her sister back, she needed to play in the very dirty water Aisha made her promise not to play in. She made an empty promise, but she knew that one day, Aisha would thank her for it.

          Margaret squealed silently to herself in the process of taking a selfie with Ben’s sister. She’d finally hit the jackpot. After the two ladies had gotten their nails done, Margaret had decided to extend her friendliness towards Judith by taking her to the mall. She knew Judith had all the clothes she needed and in every color, but the mere fact that she’d been able to put a smile on her face added more glitter to her name. After their long day out, they made it home in one piece in the evening.

Judith was exhausted and so was Margret.

“Sleep sounds like the best thing to do right now.” Judith groggily said to Margret who was taking out the items they’d bought out of their bags.

          “You and I both.” She replied fatigued.
          “I’ll have my brother pay you back the money spent today.  I thought we were only going to get our nails done so I didn’t…”

          “No, no, you’re fine. All the expenses were all on me. What’s 40k? If I had more, I wouldn’t mind sending it all on you after all, you’re like a little sister to me.” Judith thanked her honestly for her generosity before crashing into bed.
          An hour later, she heard Margret mention that she was going out for a few minute to see a friend who’d lost a younger sibling. Judith drowsily waved her goodbye and resumed dreaming about her date with the man who’d stopped by her brother’s house the other day.

          Dreamland was soon caught off by the sound of someone knocking on the door. As sleepy as she was, she got up to check who was at the door; she didn’t want Margret to be locked out of her own home.

She opened the door saying, “Did you forget your key at home?”

          “No. But someone changed the lock.” A male voice answered matter-of-factly as the door opened.
          “Oh, I’m sorry I thought it was––”

          “I thought the same. Where is she?” he asked, towering above her tiny figure.
          “She…she um, said she was going to…”

          The young man impatiently shook his head as Judith tried to piece her words together. She’d been so sleepy when Margaret had stopped by earlier before she left. She had no idea where the girl had gone. She remembered her saying something about a––
          “Friend! She went to see a friend whose brother passed away. I can leave a message if you want me to.”
          Emeka chuckled and pushed Judith out of the door and entered his living room. “She didn’t mention we were entertaining visitors. What are you, her sister?”

          “Sir, I think you should leave, I’ll let her know you stop by.”

          “If anyone would be leaving, it’ll have to be you because the last time I checked, I paid the rent last month to this house and I have been paying it for the past three years. So what’s it going to be?” he asked, finding himself a spot on the couch with Judith standing in the middle of the living room.

          Emeka’s eyes wandered lustfully on Judith’s slender body. She was wearing a pair of blue pajamas shorts that hung too low on her thighs. He could see the cut of her bra through the body-hugging, white t-shirt she wore. How good would it feel to hold her close? He began to allow his imaginations do the work––for now. He envisioned her flat tummy on his, and ran his fingers through his head. Most guys would say he had the best woman every man wished they had. Margret, with her hour glass figure had never failed to arouse him until now. He’d never thought he would feel the way he felt whenever he was with her with another woman. One who was very young, which added more fuel to the fire that was already consuming him.
          “Can I get a glass of water?” he asked, unbuttoning the first two buttons on his shirt.

          “Why don’t you go get it yourself, I thought this was your house!” Judith rebelled, standing guard of herself and her environment. She could spot a pervert from a million light years away and her instincts were never wrong only she’d been too slow to act before.

          “I’ll go upstairs and grab my phone, I need to get permission from your girlfriend before I welcome you in.” she lied and she wished it hadn’t been a lie. She didn’t even have Margret’s phone number. But she had her brother’s.

          “That’s alright, you can use my phone. I can dial her number for you and you can ask her yourself while I’m watching you.” Emeka was lying through his teeth and only he was aware of that. He was the last person she wanted to speak to, so the chances of her picking up the call were one in a billion. Margret had broken up with him a month ago after she got her new job. She’d also kicked him out of the house they’d both lived in for three years. He’d called her that morning and did his usual routine of pleading with her but she’d shut him down. One month without her has been hell and he didn’t plan on staying there any longer.

          “You don’t have to worry about it I can give her a call myself…” she started to leave and wished she hadn’t turned around.

          “Look, look,” Emeka said, digging into his pocket for his cell-phone. “She’s even on my speed dial,” he laughed, “look,” he repeated, stretching the phone out for her grab. Judith heard the phone ringing and smiled. Maybe she’d gotten it all wrong––Emeka was the good guy.

As she reached out to collect the phone, Emeka snatched her forcefully by her arm towards him, so hard that her arm popped out of its socket. She lost balance and landed right between his legs. Emeka immediately pinned her down with his legs wrapped tightly around her waist.

“Shhhhhh, Shhhh, it’s all right baby, I’ve got you now.” He whispered hot breath into her ear, with a hand over her mouth. Her muffled screams and struggling body next to him sent a rush through him. “It’ll be fast if you don’t fight me. I’ll be gentle. I don’t bite.” He said, biting softly on her ear as he continued to murmur all the dirt things he would do to her. For Emeka, this was going to be the best night of his life… He was finally leaving the hell Margret had put him with the finest lady on the face of the earth in his arms, and soon in his bed...


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