Thursday, February 4, 2016

Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 26

For Cynthia, it hadn’t been all that easy either. Standing in front of a judge for the second time and lying her arse off had undeniably not been easy even though she was sadly use to it. On mistake was all it would have taken. One mistake and she would have found herself on the losing side––not that she’d won today, but at least, Victor knew who was in charge.

She entered her room after coming out for air and found her daughter sleeping soundly. She’d rented a one bedroom apartment for herself and her daughter in a place where Victor wouldn’t think of bringing his search party to.

After she laid to rest that night, a startling scream woke her up after a few minutes of sleep. She opened her eyes to find her snoring daughter by her side. It’d been her who’d screamed and not her daughter. She got up cautiously not to wake the sleeping child, tied her silk night rope around her waist and sat on the edge of the bed.

She felt cold under her night rope as she recalled the terrifying nightmare that had woken her. She’d seen him pointing the gun straight at her and before she could do a thing, he’d shot at her. She remembered screaming as she rushed to her daughter who was lying lifelessly and bleeding on the bed. She’d seen James take his daughter’s life. But James was dead. She’d been the one who took his life, so what was the meaning behind her nightmare?

She looked back at her daughter and drew carefully next to her and pulled her close as she slept. There had been times when she wished she hadn’t gotten pregnant and hadn’t bore this child. She’d gone against the plan Justin and her had written out, and she’d paid dearly for it. Cynthia remembered the day she’d informed Justin that she was pregnant. He’d been too shocked to utter a word for five whole minutes and when he’d found his words again, the nastiest of them came ringing out of his dirty and fouled mouth.

Her only job in their plan had been to seduce a rich, young bachelor, marry him and gain access to his wealth. And according to Justin, she’d had the easiest job unlike him who had to wait for however long it took for her to accomplish her goal while she played wife and lover to another man.

He’d been too careful with her when he beat her black and blue that day, remembering that the child who he believed was Victor’s was now an asset to him. He believed with Cynthia now crying Victor’s child, he would become a slave to her. He was right and probably still is. Cynthia had never mentioned to Justin who the real father of her daughter was until the day Victor paid her an unexpected visit back from prison. Justin had beat the answer out of her after Victor had left with his sister who she’d only meant once that day.

When she’d told him about how she’d fallen in love with James who wasn’t as wealthy as Victor, Justin had been disgusted with her claims of love. James had claimed he loved her and had wanted her to leave Victor who was then her husband. He’d used her to gain a lot of information about his friend and his family’s wealthy and promised that once they hit the jackpot with Victor they would run away together and raise their daughter.

Cynthia was ready to bullshit her plans with Justin when James had painted her a picture of their love-filled future together. She did. She never contacted Justin again and when they’d planned the accident that had allegedly took her life, she’d hoped her business with Justin had been settled with the news of her death.

James had kept to his promises of a life together with her right until she’d called him the day Victor found out about their betrayal. She’d called him immediately after Victor had left the house in rage. She’d warned James to leave the house but he’d made yet another promise to her that he wouldn’t run away, that he was going to face his friend, man to man. He’d said he would do anything for the woman he loved, so she believed him.

But when she’d gone over to his place out of worry, she’d found his bags packed to leave without her. So what had he expected to happen to her and her child? She’d seen the bruises the fight with Victor had left him and when she’d wanted to tend to his wounds, she found his bags and realized that this man was leaving her and never coming back. He was just going to run away and leave her alone in the mess they’d both created, alone to face Victor’s wrath.

A burning tear drop ran down her cheek as she remembered his words that day. He’s said he was sorry for misleading and that he never truly loved her. He hadn’t needed to tell her that he’d been only using her since the first night she met him. She’d guessed it.

Her pathetic laughter filled the room. She was laughing at herself. How easily she’d been fooled. She that once held the winning card had fallen victim to another player. A master had easily become a slave because she’d forgotten the golden rule––never fall in love with the master. But how could she have expected to know that he’d been the one with the winning card all while they were fooling around? How was she had supposed to know that he was worse than she was?

“How?” she sobbed, pounding on the twin sized bed with her fist. She should have known better. Cynthia blamed James for everything. She refused to take the blame because she’d been a victim too.

I should have just stayed with Victor, she thought desperately, slowly getting off from the bed. Her daughter was awakened shortly due to the commotion in the room; she sat up and watched as her mother go mad right in front of her.

“I had him. I could have kept him!”  She said frantically, pounding her feet on the floor as she marched around the room.

“Mommy…” Iffy called out to her mother in fright, clueless as to why her mother was acting the way she was.

“Who is your mommy?” Cynthia yelled.

“Who!” she repeated roughly as she steadily advanced towards her daughter. She yanked the little girl out of the bed by her arm, dragged her like a piece of wood with no feeling on the floor to the bathroom door. She paid no attention to her daughter’s screams and neither had she taken notice of the sound that’d rang out when she’d yanked her daughter by the arm. She kicked the poor child inside the bathroom like dirty laundries and slammed the door.

Cynthia went back and sat on the edge of the bed. An emotionless expression graced her face as she sat alone in the room with her heart pounding in her chest. Strange thoughts began to linger on her mind. “Just get rid of her. She’s just like her father.” they said. “Do it now!” another yelled at her. 

There was no moment of peace. A million voices were buzzing like bees inside her head. Her voice rose above them all as she yelled for them to stop, and almost as if she’d commanded them, the voices ceased. Once she gained control of her breathing, Cynthia’s weak and defeated body crawled into bed and fell into a deep slumber.


  1. I pray I won't meet People like Cynthia oo o

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  2. Cynthia is crazy!

  3. Lol, d nightmare she just had is about to manifest itself.... She will kill her daughter with her own hands.

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  5. against all odds i hope Iffy doesn't die. Victor needs to wake up from being the nice guy and take his freedom by force if need be.


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