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Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 27

For some people, you don’t only have to show them the light, you have to walk them towards it––and to it; because left alone to themselves they would turn away from the happiness that could have been theirs. So was the case of Victor and Daniella; and when she realized that although she might have showed Victor a possibility of a happy ending, he still felt he wasn’t entitled to it.

          She’d thought of giving up––actual words she’d never used in her life. She never just gives up even with trying a million times to get through to this man and failing. The last thing she wanted was to be put in the same box as Victor’s other women, and so in order to make sure her name never appeared on the list of women who betrayed him, Daniella decided to do him one last favor… and this one was done out of love.

          Maybe she was asking for too much. Victor could perhaps never be able to love another woman because of the ill-luck he’d had in the past, and even now, but her heart beat truly was as involuntarily as it come. She’d been given a chance to walk away the last day outside the court room and even though she’d fooled Victor into thinking she’d left and was never coming back, she was coming back after all.

          Daniella got off the bus she’d been sitting in for the past fifteen minutes, on her say to see one very special woman. She was nervous. What could she say to her, and who would she say she is or was to him? But most essentially, she was curious to see the woman who had nursed Victor back to health and loved him through his darkest day which by the way he was still having. This time, worse than what he’d described before.

          She arrived at the restaurant they’d picked to meet. Today, Daniella wore her favorite black skirt and a blue blouse, and loads of makeup, hiding away her youthfulness. She did not want to look a day younger than twenty seven when she speaks to this woman. She wanted them to have a matured conversation where she wasn’t taken as a child who was snooping around matters that shouldn’t concern her when really she should be reading her books. But thank God to her good lucks, after applying some makeup she’d been able to at least create the impression she wanted.

          When she saw a tall dark skinned and slender woman walk into the restaurant and asked one of the employees for her, she knew who it was right then. Daniella strengthened herself and focused on the glass of water in front of her. She’d told one of the waitresses to direct Vivian to her table whenever she arrived. And she’d come as promised.

          “Excuse me, I don’t want to be wrong but are you Daniella, the lady I spoke to on the phone yesterday?” her voice sent nervousness down Daniella’s spine. She looked up at the person asking the question and simply nodded. Vivian took a sit in front of Daniella who wasn’t ready for what was to come as much as she’d prepared for it.

          “Would you like to order something?” she asked politely.

          “Oh no, I have an appointment with my OB/GYN in an hour, I don’t want to go in feeling extra full.” An anxious laugh followed. “Plus I have to go pick up my kid from school in thirty, so we have just about fifteen to twenty minutes to talk.” She added politely.

          “Well I hope there’s nothing life threatening that’s taking you to an OB/GYN,” she said, in hopes of making little talks and getting them to be comfortable before she dropped the bomb on her.

          “Oh no, no. Just morning sickness.  I can’t seem to keep anything in my stomach for long.” she explained some more, hoping Daniella understood what she meant. And she did. Vivian was pregnant with her second child. She gulped down some more water before proceeding to the real reason she’d sought her out.

          “It’s about Victor,” She said, hoping she’d started off on the right note and right name.
          “Yes, you mentioned him on the phone. Look, I came down here because you sounded very nice on the phone and out of politeness. I no longer have anything to do with Victor. Our chapter closed years ago. I gave him my contact information the last time we met unexpectedly after he was released from prison but he never looked for me, or the last thing that tied us together. He never came for his son which by the way is fine. I don’t want him confusing my son by showing up out of the blue and leaving again. He’s happy the way is right now.” She concluded.

          “You were in a relationship with this man, your son being evidence to that relationship no matter how brief it was. You know him, Victor; you know he didn’t by choice not come to look for his son. He’s troubled…”

          “You’re speaking to the wrong woman then. I don’t know him like you think I do. What we had was what he needed to feel better, for closure after losing his wife. You should be speaking to her and not me––but why do I get a feeling that you’ve already met with Victor’s plague?” She straight-out called her what she was to him, a plague. And that plague was what had brought her here.

          “Victor needs you,”

          “I doubt that.”

          “He really does. He’s fighting a battle with a woman we both know has caused him too much pain.”

          “And how did you know all that by the way?”

          “Let’s just say I’m someone who also wants to help ease some of this pain like you wanted to when you first met him. Cynthia has him hooked by the neck,” Vivian chuckled, as if she didn’t already know. She patently listened to Daniella who’d managed to place the both of them in the same box. But her goal wasn’t hers. She wanted no part of Victor and her never ending drama with Cynthia.

          “What would you like me to do?” she asked surprisingly.

          Daniella paused for a moment, not sure how her next statement would sound coming from someone who didn’t know what it meant to be a mother. She was about to ask one to give her child away.

          “I need you to give Victor his son. I know that didn’t come out right but I want them to meet. I want him to be with Victor when he stands in court. He needs to see what he really needs to be fighting for in front of him. He thinks he has nothing––no one and so he’s latching on to a child that isn’t his. If you could please––”

          “That’s enough, Victor knows s where to find his child if he truly wants something that’s his.”

          “But that’s the thing, he doesn’t know where to find you, and even if he did he wouldn’t come. He doesn’t think he deserves––”´Daniella was caught off again.

          “Look, you seem like a nice girl and you seem like you really want to help him and I applaud you for that, but listen to me, when it comes to Cynthia, Victor is not Victor. He’s like a child in need of that motherly bond so he latches on to her for survival. I will not throw my son in the middle of all this. It won’t happen. I’m sorry but I have to leave.” she stood up and Daniella could slightly make out the little roundness of her pregnant stomach. She had another child on the way. She was happy. She was able to have all this because she’d walked away like she was doing now. Maybe, just maybe she’d done the right thing. And maybe this was exactly what she needed to do. Runaway while she still could. 


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