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Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 28

Daniella strolled home at 8 P.M after work at her aunt’s hair shop. She’d decided to keep doing that since school was out of the question. She no longer complained. This was how life was going to be and she was getting used to it. She was fine as long as her aunt treated her right and paid her accordingly for her labor. “I’m fine.” she murmured. Today on the other hand had not gone as she’d planned. She’d met with Vivian, leaving her aunt shop with one of her co-workers. Upon coming back, her Aunt had arrived before her.

          Her aunt only trusted her with her shop and she’d left it unattended even though Mercy, her co-worker had been there to fill in for her. She hated getting her aunt angry, which usually led to nasty words being thrown out carelessly like how she, her aunt was the reason why her family have been able to feed since her father’s passing. This had been the very reason why she’d refused to work with her aunt at first; she didn’t want to ever hear those words. But her mother had persuaded her that the money she made from selling pepper wasn’t going to be enough to get her siblings through primary school.

          Today as all insults were rained down her head, she’d thought of her family and had taken shelter from the smile in her brother’s face every morning when he dresses up for school. That was what she was fighting for: a family with a smile on their face even though life was going through them in an unkind way. The thought of her own family’s problem made her think of Victor, the man who couldn’t be forgotten. And it was then that she found a bright light shining her away as she approached her home. It was the head light of a car, and she knew whose it was.
          Victor thought she was walking to join him in his car but when he saw her head straight towards her door step, he rushed out of his car.
          “I’m ready.” He announced behind her.
          “I said I’m ready!” he repeated when she refused to acknowledge his presence. “I’m ready to do what you want.” He said with a sigh, his hands on his waist, hoping his racing heart wouldn’t burst out of his chest.

          “What I want?” she turned abruptly, baffled at his statement. “It’s not about what I want, it’s never been about me but all about you!” she said in anger not so much from the few words he’d said so far but from the whole day’s ordeal. “You’ll never be ready until YOU are ready.” She added gently.

          They hadn’t seen nor spoken to each other since the last time at the court where he’d disappointed her. The past five days between their last meeting and today had given him more than enough time to think. He’d been left with no other choice than to face the truth that nothing was going to neither change nor get better unless he wished for them to. And he thought he would be just another fool to wish otherwise. The first thing he’d done in between these five days was move out of his sister’s place. He wasn’t getting any better being in her home, but he knew that one glance at Daniella tonight had made him realize that his best days since being released from prison has been with her. This one woman who was fed up with him. But here he was again about to make her another promise he wished she wouldn’t think was an empty one because this time, he really was ready.

          “Can we go somewhere and talk, and maybe get dinner too? I asked your mother and she told me you were at work…” Daniella watched him carefully as he explained himself with only one thing in mind, he’d come to her home and not the other place––his very first step into doing the right thing so gave him a chance. He drove in silence to nowhere. Neither of them was hungry. Listening to each other’s soft breathing sound was enough as Victor drove. Peace, after a long day was what this was for them. But as much as Daniella was enjoying the feel of the evening cool breeze on her skin and the peace and quiet in the car, she asked wearily, “Where are you taking me?”

          “My house,” he said proudly.

          “You mean your sister’s house?”

          “No, I mean my house. I…”

          “You bought a home?!” she said nonchalantly, hiding her excitement. “When did you do all that?” she added just in time for him to pull up in front of a two story building.

          “I’ll be right back,” he said, getting out of the car. He came back a few seconds later after opening his gate. “I don’t have a gateman,” he told her as he drove into the compound of his home. After leading her into the living room, Victor left her to herself for a brief moment.

          She was sitting in the middle of one of the black leather couch, hands folded together with her eyes wandering about the room. She smiled a little when he appeared back into the room with a laptop.

          “It’s such a huge place,” she complimented. “You have to show me around.” she added.

          “Thank you, but I have something better to show you––or for you to listen to.” He said anxiously. If he did this, if he showed her this, there would be no going back. He would have to see it through. So he took a sit opposite from her and sat his laptop on the center table in the room.

          “Are you ready?” he asked before opening the lid of the laptop.

          “I guess, but what is it?” she got up out of interest and squatted down by his side. An audio player appeared on the screen and he asked her to click on play. Daniella hesitated, questioning what on God’s earth he was up to.

          “Are you sure I should…I mean, why can’t you just tell me what it is?” she asked a bit shaky.

          “Here,” he said, “I’ll play it for you.” and he did. The first sound she heard was the sound of soft cries. She glared disappointedly at Víctor whose back was rested on the couch in an I-don’t-care fashion. “Who is this?” she asked when the crying continued.

          “Just listen,” he urged, a twinkle in his eyes that didn’t quite fit the occasion. She was about to quit, but what she heard next had her squatting back in her position.

          “We can make this work, we can make us work, Victor.” An unfamiliar voice said.

          “Yes, yes, we can but you have to tell me what happened to him.” it was Victor’s voice.

          “You promise?” There was a short pause before the voice spoke in confusion and confession saying, “I killed him Victor, he was going to leave me! I pointed the gun straight at his forehead and shot him. You didn’t kill James, I did.” the voice revealed. 

          “Is this, is this who I think it is?” she stuttered, looking at Victor for confirmation. He nodded and pause the audio. She tried stopping him. “No, I want to hear more.” But what more was there to hear, she quickly asked herself and then she slowly let go of his hand.

          “I called my lawyer yesterday to set up another court date. You see,” he said to her, looking into her confused eyes, “I’m done fighting sweetheart, this time I want to win and I will.” He declared.

          “But how did you get this?” she swallowed her unshed tears. Words couldn’t explain how happy she was.

          “The day I received the call from Justin, Joshua, my PA advised me to record whatever exchange would be made between us just in case something goes wrong. And I did. I set my phone to record while it was in my pocket. I’ve had this audio for a while. I didn’t want it to come to this. I didn’t think she would try to pull anymore stunt on me. But after that day at court, she spoke with no remorse, and even though it hadn’t been the first time, it was the first time I’d come to hate her. I wasn’t even going to give my lawyer this audio even then…”

          “What changed your mind?” she asked, meanwhile absorbing all what he’d been saying.

          “You.” he answered flatly. “You said you were done. And when I was ready to be a man,” he shook his head in pity. “You said when I was ready; I knew where to find you. And I did. Tonight. I’m ready to put everything away. I’m ready for you, if you will take me, if it’s not too late to be a man––your man.”


  1. Thnx Peace.... Lovely but quite short...(thats the voice of oliver twist in me)... Update please!

    1. Hehehe... this series has just 2 more chapters. It'll end this week, sadly.

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    3. Hello Kwanya, I have actually written these episodes but I have not gotten a chance to edit it.

    4. so when do we expect the two episodes

    5. This week for sure! I have a 8 days break. I should get the next chapter posted tonight. I'm working on it as I type this reply. No lie. Thanks for your patience!!

    6. Thanks for your interest too. It makes this all exciting to write.

  2. hehehe! At last. Lovely episode. I really love your stories. Keep up the good work.

  3. finally he wakes up. i just hope the daughter is safe where she is..... nice one Peace.


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