Friday, March 25, 2016

A Second Chance - Chapter Twenty- Two

“A secret is powerful when it is empty.”

—Umberto Eco

 “Shhhhhh, Shhhh, it’s all right baby, I’ve got you now.” He whispered hot breath into her ear, with a hand over her mouth. Her muffled screams and struggling body next to him sent a rush through him. “It’ll be fast if you don’t fight me. I’ll be gentle. I don’t bite.” He said, biting softly on her ear as he continued to murmur all the dirt things he would do to her. For Emeka, this was going to be the best night of his life… He was finally leaving the hell Margret had put him with the finest lady on the face of the earth in his arms, and soon in his bed...

Something told Margret to call her––to check up on her, just check up on her. She got up and began to look for the trouser she came with that was no longer zipped to her waist.

“Are you leaving?” he asked muzzily.

“What I should have done an hour ago.” she stated irritated as she zipped up her trousers.

“Wait, are you having regrets?”

“I came to console you and I ended up in bed with you…if this isn’t the best consolation price, I… I don’t, I got to go. Bye.” She grabbed the hand-bag that was lying on the couch in the one bedroom apartment and was out before she could hear herself think again. Margret knew she shouldn’t have done that; jump into bed with someone who was mourning the death of a sibling. She made it clear to herself that the ruffled bedsheets from the aftermath was all because he’d needed a shoulder to cry on and she’d been in need of–– Damn it! She grunted, hitting the end button on her phone. Why wasn’t she picking up her calls? Sixth time and with no reply, she almost threw the phone out of the window. She just had a feeling, one that told her something wasn’t right, but how could she confirm it when…when she wasn’t answering? She relaxed and enjoyed the ride home on the bus, musing over the moment she’d shared with him, when would she ever have something like that with her boss…sorry, ex-boss.

Never. The voice told her bluntly with the scene in front of her.

“What happened.” She said out of breath as if she’d ran all the way there.

“Margret, what took you so long? How could you leave me with him! We need to call Ben. We need to get my brother here. Now!” Only God knew how she’d made it out alive and physically untouched even though mentally crippled. So damaged that she’d been unable to dial her brother’s number. But thank God Margret was here now, everything would be okay now, she assured herself.

“Well come on, what are you waiting for?”

“Is he…is he…Dead?”

“I hope so or better yet, I hope he’s still alive so that he can pay for what he did to me.” She kicked the close to dead body on the floor over and over again.

“Stop it.” Margret could clearly see the mess Emeka had created but…but, no, she couldn’t let that happen. “I’m sorry but I can’t let you do that. We can’t call Ben.” She knew she needed to do the right thing, calling Ben was the right thing to do but it would ruin whatever chances she had with him.

“Are you crazy?! Are you being serious right now? This man right here, this fool you dated tried to rape me and you don’t want my brother, you don’t want Ben who is my guardian to know about it? Are you insane?”

Margret was getting tired of the foul mouth on Judith, she needed the girl to understand that she was not her age-mate hence she couldn’t speak to her in that manner. But not yet. So she coolly said to her because she understood that she must have been frightened, “Let’s handle this ourselves. If we get Ben involved he might do like you said, kill him and then the police will be on his neck. He could lose everything. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that.”

“But Ben can fix things, he can…”

“This is Nigeria hun,” she led her to a couch. “Anything can happen. I promise you’ll never see him again. Now once he wakes up, I’ll take care of him. Okay?”

She hesitated for a moment, contemplating if she really would be able to let this go without getting the justice she deserved. But then she thought of her brother. If he found out she was sure he would send her back to their parents and that she couldn’t bear. Okay, she told herself, hoping Margret could hear her because voicing out her compliance meant shutting up forever.

Margret was more than happy to make dinner than night. She bought Judith’s loyalty with false threats. If and whenever she ever felt like opening her mouth, she would think back to the damage she could be doing. As they ate that evening, Margret tried her hardest to make it seem as if nothing had happened. As if Emeka hadn’t almost succeeded in raping the girl Ben had put in her care. The first thing she’d done after Judith agreed to keep their empty secret was to lock Emeka up in her bed room while Judith showered, hoping the warm water would also wash today away.

“I think we’re going to be good friends.” She added, slowly chewing her food.

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