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Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 29


One Week Later

An hour after dumping the bowl of cereal on the bathroom floor in front of her sleeping daughter, she heard a knock on her door. Cynthia picked up the remote control and increased the TV volume, trying to mask the crying sounds coming from the bathroom and the banging on the door. She was in a world of her own, a world where no one else mattered but herself. She didn’t want to hear anything but herself think. She had to figure a way out of this. No one knew where she was, she needed money and she needed to get rid of–– The knock on her door grew heavier and louder, putting an end to her thought process.

          “Is anyone inside?” a familiar voice asked, it belonged to Victor. Her body froze when she heard his voice, she had no idea how he found her. She got up intending to go the door but her legs stayed glued to the cold floor. If she went to the door he would figure out what she has been up to, she couldn’t let him find Iffy in her current state; she’d been verbally, emotionally and physically abusing the child for a week now. There was no could, she would lose everything then when her last sins were found out so she retraced her steps back to the single chair in the one bedroom apartment she was hiding in. She sat there quietly, waiting for the unwelcomed guest to leave.

          “Maybe we got the wrong address,” Daniella said to Victor whose knuckles were bruised from pounding not knocking on the door. She was doing a fine job at hiding her impatience unlike the man next to her. They’d hired a private investigator to search for Cynthia and after they’d gotten a lead, Victor wanted to be the one who confronted her face to face. He wanted it to be his face that she saw when he tell her to her face that he was done being trapped in her web. He was growing anxious; maybe the investigator had gotten it all wrong, maybe they were indeed at the wrong place again.

Victor sighed in defeat and was about to remove his hand from the door knob when he heard what he thought was someone crying.

“Do you hear that?” he said to Daniella, resting his left ear on the door.

“Hear what? Victor let’s just go, it’s been a long day,” a long day of moving from one place to another in search of one woman and her child, not that she cared about the headache eating at her from the left side of her head, she only hoped Victor understood that they had another day to continue their search. This wasn’t going to be an easy nor quick process and they needed patience more than anything else.

Victor felt it in his guts that something wasn’t right, he’d heard something from inside and he wasn’t leaving until his doubts were put to rest.

          Cynthia demanded that her daughter be quiet but the child was not having it. She’d heard the knock on the door and since her mother had refused to open the door, the seven year old girl was taking it upon herself to call for help. That had been the first knock she’d heard on the door for a week since her mother locked her up in the bathroom and in her abusive words, “to die.”

          When Victor knocked for the last time and no one responded, he wasted no more time in during what he should have done long ago, he rose his foot heavily to the door, the lock gave out and the door flew open. Daniella hadn’t seen that coming, neither had Cynthia and her kid. She looked terrifyingly at the closed door of the bathroom and then back at her daughter. There was only one thing left to do and however insane it sounded in her head, it was much worse in reality. She came out of the bathroom in silence to find Victor and a strange woman she didn’t think she’d seen before standing in the center of the room.

          “Where is she?” he asked angrily when he saw her, she looked every bit of crazy, like someone who hadn’t had their bath in years! And he was right, Cynthia was still wearing the shorts and blouse she had on last week. She hadn’t put a comb to her hair in a week; all she’d been successful at ding for the past week was having nightmares and tormenting her daughter.

          By the time Daniella who had immediately began to search for Iffy in the tiny apartment made it out with the child who could not walk in her arm, Cynthia had a gun pointed at Victor, the very same gun that took his best friend’s life.

          “What do you think you’re doing?” he asked her steadily, backing away from her.
          “Bring her here,” she said to Daniella, “Tell her to let my child go.” She added, focusing her attention back on her target.

          “Let her go.” Victor told Daniella and she obeyed, dropping Iffy on her feet.

          “Come here honey, mom will never hurt you,” she urged, still holding dearly to the gun, “come on.” She told her.

          “Cynthia we can work this out, you and I, we can work this out, just put down the gun.”

          “What are you still waiting for, I said come here!” she yelled for Iffy who couldn’t walk as fast as her mother wanted her because she was in pain, and with one hand Cynthia pulled the child who was not frightened at the gun but at her mother to herself.

          “This is all I have Victor, and you’re going to take her away,” she said, and she was right, her child was her only leverage and she was either going to lose her today or take the child along with her to hell where she was sure her father would be waiting on them.

          “What do you want, just tell us and…”

          “Us?” She chuckled desperately, “since when did you and her become us?” she asked angrily her hands trembling from fear. “How dare you bring another woman into our family, or have you forgotten that we,” she looked down at her daughter and continued, “have you forgotten that we’re your real and only family? When your father, that evil old man casted you away, I was the only person you had and now, she’s the new one?” she added bitterly. Victor wanted to remind her that it’d been because of his blinded love for her that had made him turn his back from his father but he knew now wasn’t the time to get aggravate Cynthia even more, she was pointing a gun at him while holding on dearly to her daughter. He couldn’t risk either of their lives, and he couldn’t lie any longer that everything would be just fine between them.

And so he told her saying, “If you put the gun down, I’ll let you walk away only if you let me have Iffy. There’s no way in the world that after all you’ve done to me and this child that I will forgive you and we would become a family. It’s not going to happen Cynthia, so be smart and put the stupid gun down.”

          “You promised me forever,” she cried.

          “I promised you nothing,” he opposed.

          “Shut up! Just shut up and let me think!” she screeched. A few seconds passed with no words said in the room. Cynthia’s head was in chaos, is there really no other way out of this? She asked herself, hot tears streaming down her cheeks.

          “Say something Cynthia, we have to get this child to the hospital.” Said victor, his concern was only for Iffy who was shivering, he hadn’t gotten a chance to take a good look at her, what could Cynthia have to this child and what did Iffy do to deserve a mother like Cynthia. His eyes drifted to where Daniella was standing, she sent a painful smile his way, reassuring him that the best thing to do was to be patient, Cynthia had to let all of them leave this room, she had no other choice.

          “I guess I have no other choice,” Cynthia said to herself, “Since we can’t be a family and since I’m no longer the woman you love, the one who can bring you to your knees, since I can’t have you, I’m sorry Victor,” she said in tears, “I’m sorry,” she repeated desperately, looking helplessly at him with her eyes that had turned red, “I’m so so sorry,” she kept apologizing and no one knew why. “If I can’t…If I can’t have you…no one else will.” She declared before pointing her gun directly at Daniella. The last thing Daniella heard was her chest slowly rising and falling and her thinking is this it, as her body slumped to the floor. And then, another gunshot rang, silencing the room and her thoughts.


  1. Babes ... I cant wait anymore ... Kindly update asap

  2. Babes ... I cant wait anymore ... Kindly update asap

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