Thursday, March 10, 2016

Till Lies Do Us Part - Chapter 30

It was seven in the evening and Victor was sitting in a plastic chair with his head on the hospital bed, dozing off for the first time in two days. He was awakened by the creaking sound of a door opening. He immediately jerked his head up to face who was coming into the room. The tension in his shoulders relaxed when he saw who it was; Daniella’s mother.

“Good Evening mama.” he greeted, rushing from his sit to assist her with the bag she carried. The elderly woman allowed Victor remove the bag of food from her hand. She took a sit beside her daughter on the bed. Victor laid the bag carefully on the floor and returned to his chair. He couldn’t look this woman in the eye, he’d almost cost her her daughter’s life. How could he begin to beg for forgiveness or even explain?

When he’d rushed Daniella into the hospital that afternoon after she’d been shot, he’d felt as if he had done the damage himself. He still remembered the look in her mother’s eyes when she’d found out that her daughter had been with him when the shooting ha happened, and not at her aunts hair salon as she’d been told. The relationship between Victor and this woman that had started off at a somewhat good note had taken a drastic turn for the worse. He was sure she never wanted to see him near her or daughter again, but this was his mess and he had to fix things, had to make sure Daniella was safe before he could think of walking away.

“The food is for you, how is she doing?" The woman asked quietly, her body slightly turned to the other bed in the room where Iffy laid.

Victor quickly responded saying, “The doctor said she’ll be fine, they say she would most likely be up in the next hour or less so I’m just waiting. Just waiting.” But he couldn’t say the same for Daniella who had been taking into surgery to remove the bullet that almost took her life from her chest. Cynthia had been a good shooter, almost as if she’d had years to practice. She’d aimed at her chest and hit her heart with a bullet. Daniella’s heart had stopped beating for thirty long seconds afterwards. Thirty seconds of not being able to hear her heart beat, to feel and see her chest fall and rise. It’d been the most dreadful and terrifying moment of his life. It’d been worse than the day he found out that Iffy wasn’t his biological child, even worse than finding out that James death had been pinned on him, or even about his affair with Cynthia. Thirty seconds had all been too much to spare, he reminded himself. What would he have told her family? Who would they have blamed? Him or Cynthia who...

His thoughts were caught off abruptly by the soft coughs coming from the bed to his right where Iffy laid. He rushed to her side while Daniella’s mother left the room for a doctor.

“Daddy,” she said delicately before bursting into tears. All he could do was gather her in his arms and weep along with her. He could not grasp fully the petrifying ordeal this seven years old child had gone through in the hands of the woman she called her mother, or the horror of standing next to her mother as shots rang across the room.  He could not read nor go inside her mind so he had no idea was she’d felt at that moment and what she was feeling now. He wished he could help share her pain. But he could promise her one thing. “No one will ever hurt you again. No one.” He said to her multiply times, rocking her back and forth in his arms until her crying lessened. Her doctor came into the room with Daniella’s mother behind her.

“…What she needs now is better care and better nutrients and a lot of attention; I trust you will see to that.” The pediatrician stated, performing some minor checkups.

“But Doctor,” he called apprehensively. “Will she, will she remember? I mean will she be affected significantly by what she witnessed?”

“We won’t know for now. We can’t make that event go away, she has to deal with it in the best way a child can, and you have to help her deal with it. She needs to be reminded that someone loves her because her mother without doubt did not. She also needs to go back to her normal everyday routine as a seven year old, and if you notice any slight changes in her mood or behavior, stop by and talk to me then, but for now, I think your daughter is fine.” She reassured him with an encouraging smile.

“What about my daughter?” Daniella’s mother couldn’t stop herself from asking.

“I’m not the doctor in charge of her, but you can go up to the front desk and ask for her doctor. If that’s all, I’ll have Iffy’s discharge papers reader for you to sign Mr. Victor. I hope you all have a better day and I’ll be praying for a speedy recovery for your daughter.” She said to Daniella’s mother before leaving.

A few minutes after the doctor left, Victor’s sister arrived. She’d gone home for a few hours to get her kids settled before coming rushing back to the hospital. After Iffy’s discharge papers were signed, Esther took her to her home, allowing Victor to focus all his attention on Daniella only.

A week later, Victor led a delicate Daniella into her living room and sat her down on their couch.

“Thank you.” she said to him but Victor felt it was him who should be thanking her for staying alive.

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