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Till Lies Do Us Part - Epilogue

Four Years Later…

As she walked up to receive her degree, Victor prepared himself to do it. After the graduation ceremony was over, she ran to join him. The happiness in her face was enough to wipe away all the hard years he’d ever had to face. In this moment, he finally felt like he’d done something right. All that mattered to him and everything he cared about was with him in the graduation hall. Vivian sat with her nearly four year old daughter on her laps and their son by her side. And everything he’d thought he couldn’t possibly have were all his now; a son and a daughter who he loved and a woman who loved him in return–– all these equaling unforeseen happiness. 

He was starting to see God’s plans manifesting in his life. Maybe, just maybe he did have to go through all the hardship he had gone through in order to come to this new beginning of his life. He held back his tears when he saw her walking towards him after the ceremony ended. She was wearing a bright yellow gown that made her skin glow like the sun. Only she could light up the whole room like she’d lightened up his life. This was the only way he could pay her back for the impeccable support she’d rendered him through the years when he despised the sight of himself in the mirror. She’d led him through another door and had showed him the man he could be.

A few distractions from her friends and co-happy-graduates’ here and there before she got to him. She walked directly into his open arms and Victor picked her up and swung her petite figure around like a child and she giggled like one, paying no attention to the bystanders who were watching them like a movie.

“Well hello handsome,” she winked at him. Victor balanced her on her feet and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“How does it feel to be a graduate?” he asked.

“Abegi, it’s overrated. You know I didn’t want to attend the ceremony anyway, everyone here is either smiling and laughing and congratulating me without a clue of how I got here, of the failures, the tears and the suffering it took to get to walk on that stage. No one know of the man,” she said quietly, gently patting his chest through his black suit, she continued, her eyes were clouded with tears that she wasn’t afraid to let fall.

“Come on, not now, we should be celebrating, no tears.” he said to her rising up her jaw to look at her. Their eyes met, and true understanding was shared between them. “No more tears, remember? No more. We’ve passed that. Now let’s join your mother, I’m sure everyone is ready for the graduation party.” he took her hands and led her to the happy crowd made up of the people they loved and cared for––family. Hugs and kisses were shared, but no tears. None.

At six P.M later that day, everyone gathered at Esther’s, she’d taken it upon herself to be the host of the little graduation party tonight. She went above and beyond and the little she’d promised Daniella had been more than what she’d expected. When asked, Esther replied that she would do anything for the woman who made her brother whole again.

Vivian arrived at the party with a gift bag, her husband and her kids by her side.  “Daddy!” his son happily ran into his arms when he sighted his father. Victor picked him up saying to his mother, “This boy keeps getting heavier, what are you feeding him.” he teased.

“Eba, what else?” she replied lightly. “Where is Daniella, we got something small for her.” she rose up the gifts bag.

“You really didn’t have to; we already appreciate your being here.”

“The presents are not for you, where is she?” Victor laughed, pointing to where he’d last seen Daniella talking to some friends from school.

“She was there just a few minute ago…”

‘Don’t worry, I’ll go look for her.” she said, leaving her kids with her husband and Victor who had become great friends already.

Daniella wasn’t hard to find. She was in the living room, tired from smiling and greeting guests. Viviana joined her.

“My dear, endure it, it’ll soon be over. Actually, naaah, it’s going to keep coming.” A hearty smiled graced her face as she gently rubbed her flat tummy.

“Are you?...”

“Pregnant, yes! And very soon, the kids will be graduating, you’ll get used to having graduation parties and birthday parties like I have when you and Victor have a mini you.”  A nervous laugh escaped from a slightly embarrassed Daniella. “I don’t even know if he wants to… you know… get married again talk less of having kids.” She shivered, wrapping her arms around herself.

“What! After what you’ve both being through, if he doesn’t do the right thing, I’ll marry you instead.” She teased, getting a sincere laugh from Daniella.

“Thank you so much for coming and for being a part of this. You’ve been such a great friend to me and a mother figure to Iffy. That little girl and I cannot thank you enough.”

“We’re family now and this is one of the many things family do for each other.” She handed Daniella the gift bags.

“Oh nooo, you didn’t have to.” She said with a hug.

“I know. Let me go and find Abigail, she refused to eat from the house because she enjoys Aunty Esther’s cooking more.”

“Who doesn’t!” they both laughed, just in time for Victor to walk in with the little girl in his arms. He handed Abigail to her mother and joined Daniella.

“Have you greeted all the guests?”

“Yes, but they just keep coming.”

“I’m afraid they’ll have to miss you for a while, I’ll for us to go somewhere.”


He nodded, “Now.”


“Do you remember this place?” he asked, reaching for her right hand.

“How could I forget.” She answered, a little uncomfortable as memories fought its way in. The noise, the smell of fresh air mixed with the tempting smell of suya, the faint street lights as the buses, the cars, and faces of people they’ll never see again moved passed––how could she forget the place they’d first met.

“Daniella…” he coughed. She was so distracted by everything around her and hadn’t noticed that he’d gone down on both knees on the sand behind her. He was ready to give the woman who he couldn’t live a day without his whole world.

“When Daniella finally looked behind her, her initial thought was to run away, get on one of those buses and just run away. She could see the glittery ring with the little light they had and she could see that this man was on his knees, waiting for an answer and would continue to wait until he got his answer.

“Yes.” She answered blankly as if something had remotely pushed her words out. She had no control; all she could hear were the million voices screaming yes in her head. “Yes!” her answer rang out louder this time and Victor wasted no time in slipping the ring on her slender finger. They shared a long kiss under the dim light, breaking apart only when a headlight from a bus shown their way.

A conductor rushed to them, luring them to get on the bus.

“But where would we go?”

“Anywhere.” Victor answered, and led her into the bus.

She sat next to him with her head on his shoulder and her hands covered his. The diamond ring was gleaming on her finger. “I love you.” she whispered to him, staring down at the ring and he nodded slowly.

As the bus sped ahead and filled up with passengers, she told him all the plans she had for their new family. “We don’t even need a big house,” she said, “Something small but really nice would do.” He nodded his agreement too, allowing her do the talking while he took the time to silently thank God for the women beside him.

“...but one more thing… I think we need to be worried about Iffy; she hasn’t asked either of us about her mother since the incident. It’s as if she never existed. Shouldn’t we be worried?” she asked worriedly.

“Oh I’m sure she remembers what happened to Cynthia. We all do.” You can’t escape death for the second time, a sign read.

The End.

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  1. Beautiful ending! thank you for always keeping us entertained with your lovely stories

    1. One thing I've always been afraid of is ending a story. I feel at ease with your comment. Thank you Ntsako Ngomana.

  2. Beautiful ending actually.. Thank you
    The Oliver twist in me said I should tell you to finish 'A second chance too'

    1. Lol... the Oliver Twist in you is heading towards the right direction. I am hitting "A Second Chance" NEXT!

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