Friday, April 22, 2016

A Second Chance - Chapter Twenty-Four

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”
― Helen Keller

Bisola knew she’d entered into a dangerous partnership with Ben but once that phone call was made there was no turning back. She had too much to lose. Too many things could go wrong if she changed her mind. So she swallowed her fears and pleaded with the protesting spirit within her to let her do this.

She didn’t take note of Aisha when she came home later in the evening. She’d gone to the cemetery to be alone and think. Her mind was nowhere to be found within her, she’d left it with the hundreds of deceased souls­­. She breezed past Aisha like a lifeless if she was the ghost.

“I was worried, you left without saying anything. I was hoping we could start packing, I couldn’t do any of it but...”

“That’s right, you can’t do anything.” She snapped. “You can’t help,” she said facing Aisha, “so stop trying to!”

Aisha who was thrown off by Bisola’s sudden outburst couldn’t recognize the voice she heard either, but she knew that look, the one Bisola held in her eyes and it scared her. She’d had that look at one point in her life too. Desperation mixed with regret. It was plastered on Bisola’s face. Aisha remembered looking at the mirror after she’d signed her clueless death sentence with Tunde and not being able to recognize herself. All she saw was staring back at her now.

“Oh my God, what have you done?” She asked.

“What does it look like I’ve done?!” Bisola replied, avoiding Aisha’s dark eyes. She was afraid she could read through her. “There’ll be no packing out of this place. There’ll be no moving, there’ll be no me, no you, so please go; I need my space.” she said out of anger, leaving Aisha in her state of confusion.

“But that was not the deal we had!” Aisha followed hurriedly behind her to the refrigerator where Bisola got out bottled water. “You were supposed to go to Philip and tell him about everything. He’ll help you, I know he will. You don’t need to be here any longer. It’s not safe. It’s his house not yours! Don’t you understand?” she yelled, trying to sink her fears into Bisola who didn’t want to listen to anything but herself laugh.

And she laughed, and laughed––uncontrollably until she felt tears begin to form in her eyes. “Philip?” she asked but took the time to finish drinking her water before she continued. “Go to him and tell him what? That I’ve been seeing his girlfriend who by the way he doesn’t even know is dead? How do you expect me to explain that to anyone, how?! They would think I’m crazy. Have you forgotten where we are, and which country we’re in? This isn’t some American movie, this is real life and it’s happening in Naija.”

“And so?”

“People don’t just wake up and start seeing ghosts! That’s not a story you can tell anyone here without them thinking you’re possessed with witchcraft! So how do you expect me to begin to explain it to him, and how are you sure he hasn’t already forgotten about you?”

“He would never!” Aisha specified firmly. “He’s different; he loved me––loves me more than I love him. If you go to him,” she reached out for Bisola’s hand which she urgently wished she could hold, “if you go to him, he can fix you up with a nice place and a nice job. He has connections...”

“Don’t you get it? Why do we always and always and always have to be at somebody else’s mercy and favor?! Why can’t we do the things we want by ourselves! Why can’t I get a job and a place to live by myself? Why do I have to go to someone else for help and especially men? Why them?” She was letting not only her anger out but her frustration on the whole sequence of how things always played out in her life.

“I went to school with the help of Tunde, I got a place to stay with the help of Tunde, and now you’re sending me off to Philip for a job and a place to stay.” She added, exhausted of all emotions. She had no idea where her questions were running out from, or what had triggered them. All she knew was that she didn’t want to continue on with this cycle of living. Because,

“At the end of the day you owe them your life. You can’t breathe, you can’t move, you can’t speak unless you’re ordered to, you can’t do anything. You’re not free, you’re crippled by their rules, and what they did for you…they’ll never forget to remind you. Look at where we are, just look.” She said out of breath. “Take a look at yourself and then at me. You’ve sunk and I’m right behind you.” drowning. Aisha slowly crouched down on the kitchen floor saying, “We weren’t born with a silver spoon in our mouths…”

“Well excuse me for trying to make one with my own strength.” Bisola joined her. “Look, if we’re going to be moving out of this place, we have to do it by ourselves with no help from anyone. Understand?”

Aisha nodded her agreement. For a brief moment, she was jealous of her, jealous of her understanding of the life they were born into. She was jealous of Bisola because she was capable of thinking her way out of Tunde’s control but she on the other hand had fallen without looking at the ground she stepped on. And the end result…

“We’ll think of a plan.” She said. “I’ll find a way out of this, alright?”

But Bisola humbly forged a smile because it was too late, I’ve already made too many.


  1. Welldone Peace this is a Beatiful story fill with suspense, I have been waiting for the next and other chapters when is it coming up please????

    1. Hi Kath! Thank you for following up. I will be posting soon. I've got a 3 months break starting this weekend so expect more chapters.

  2. Ok thanks then I will have to start another story .


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