Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Second Chance - Chapter Twenty-Three

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.”
—Jack Canfield

Standing outside his gate and waiting for it to open, or for anyone inside to send back a response gave her time to think and marvel on where she was––outside Ben’s glass house.

She walked away from the security bell she’d spoken to a few minutes ago and made her request for the gate to be opened. She then stepped back to get a full view of his home. It’s gorgeous and…and…expensive! This way-passed-comfortable way of living made no sense to her. Many sketchy questions made their way into her head––was about time, she thought and allowed herself do the thinking. How, that’s all she wanted to know, how could and how does he afford this luxury? What was he into; how does he make his money or rather, how did he make his money.

Bisola refused to think that he’d been able to afford all he had because of his past friendship with Tunde, which would make him no less different than him. But if her suspicions were correct, she felt she had no right to come into the home he built with the tears and falsified dreams of the many lost girls he’d been and probably was in control of. But before she could change her mind, the gate clicked and automatically opened, welcoming her into paradise.

They had a meeting today, one he’d arranged. He didn’t like them meeting up at bars so he’d invited her into his home. When she arrived, he was sitting in his living room. He had to remind himself to congratulate her for not protesting his request and for coming into a stranger’s home who was of the opposite gender without and escort as if no one thought her better. He didn’t want to believe she trusted him to that extent when he had indeed warned her against it.

“I thought I had either come to the wrong house because no one answered for so long.”

“Sorry about that,” he motioned her to take a sit across from him. “I was still making up my mind whether I should let you in or not.”

“And what if I had left?”

He chuckled saying, “Nah, I doubt you would’ve. You need this.” He declared. Bisola had plenty to say in response to his cockiness but she’d already did her homework on how to beat Ben’s overweight ego, and that was to never ever argue with him.

          “I only have one question for you, how do I get to what I need?” How do I get my sister back? She quietly said to herself since neither of them had revealed the primary reason behind them wanting to bring down Tunde.

          She applauded him for knowing when to put on his business attire and get to working. He had a plan mapped out before she’d arrived and began to explain it all to her. She followed along like a good student, never once doubting his capability to make all of what he’d planned work. But warning signals exploded in her head whenever he began his rant about how much he really wanted to take down Tunde. Whenever his name came up, there was always an unexplainable sadness in his eyes that Bisola quickly began to put together flashes by flashes as betrayal. She wanted to ask, she should have asked but she knew he wouldn’t readily answer any personal questions.

          “Ben, just stop,” A full ten minutes had passed without her hearing what she really needed to hear.

          “How do I come into play in all of this? I mean, you’ve been going on and on about what it seemed only you can do but… I want to help too, I need to.”

          “Bisola…” he paused. “You have the toughest job to do and I thought it’d be best if I leave it till the end but since you want it now, I’m more than happy to give it to you.”

          She waited. And waited. And waited some more as realized started to dawn on her.

          “No!” she voiced in denied. I would rather die than…

          “I would rather die than sleep with,” she hugged herself and moved to the window close by.

          “Death is out of the question and as much as your offer of warming my bed sounds tempting, I think Tunde has that covered.”

          She swung around, facing him this time when his name was mentioned. “Meaning?” she asked, scared of whatever might come spilling out of Ben next.

          “You’ll work for him like he wanted, make him believe you’re his, enjoy your time with him, and then when it’s time, we’ll strike.” He finished with full confidence.

          “Is there no other way? I mean, I can’t possibly be a…” oh my god. She panicked. Could her sister be facing this same ordeal with Tunde? She didn’t give it another thought, she gave him a nod. Bisola wanted to be close to her sister and if this was the only way to do so, she had no other choice than to accept her fate.

          “Good.” He said, handing her a piece of white paper with a phone number written on it. “Just in case you’ve deleted his number.  Give him a call now and tell him you’ve come back to your senses and you’re willing to do whatever he wants.” He was testing her. He wanted to be sure she was serious, and most importantly, he wanted to confirm just how much guts she had in her tiny body.

          Bisola collected the paper and did as he said.

          Moving away from his watch, she placed the phone on her ear with two unstable hands. Her knees quavered when she heard his voice. This is it, she thought to herself. This was really it. As soon as she found her voice to speak she realized she’d already been saying too much.

          Ben heard the exchange between them, but as much as he wanted to smack the cellphone out of her hands, he knew that this was the only way he could win.

          “I’m sorry.” He said quietly, staring regretfully at the back of the woman who had no idea what she was getting herself into.


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