Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Second Chance - Chapter Thirty-One

It’d started to rain by the time she got home. Every attempt at petty talk was slammed right back into Ben's face. No goodbyes were said before he zoomed off. On a different day, Bisola would have at least cautioned him to drive safe; however, today was a very different day as well. She was no longer the girl who left home four hours ago; she didn’t feel, didn’t smell like her; hadn’t been her for a while now. And to wish the person who partially placed her in her recent predicament well, she shook her head in refusal and spat on the same spot his car once was and entered her home.

        Aisha was nowhere near when she entered. A sigh of relief escaped from her lungs. She gathered her shoes and the bundle of money in hand against her chest and slowly and quietly tiptoed through the corners leading to her bedroom. Bisola thought she was safe, she thought she’d made it until Aisha made her presence known.

“You’ve done it.” She said out of the blue. In astonishment, the evidence of Aisha accusation fell out of Bisola’s hand and in that instance when Aisha saw the bundle of money spill out from its secured hold she launched angrily at Bisola. “You fool!” she shouted. “You went ahead and did it, didn't you? How could you be so stupid? Why did you do it, Bisola, why? Did my warnings mean nothing to you? Are you that deaf, or are you just money hungry? I shouldn’t have trusted you.” she said. “You’re no different from the other girls Tunde uses as his tools.”

“Like you?” Bisola asked mockingly bouncing back from all the insults being poured on her already filled garment of shame. “And I never said I was different. I never said if l had a good reason to I wouldn’t do it, what you and the other girls have done. So let me be, Aisha. I’ll try not to end up like you while I’m at it.” She finished, picked up her hard earned money and rowdily walked out as if she had nothing to be ashamed of now that she’d been found out.

Bisola couldn’t get to her bathroom fast enough where she immediately peeled off her dress. She then stood stark naked under the shower, allowing the close to hot water wash away tonight. She couldn’t feel the burn of the water as it came spilling heavily on her back. She was crying on the outside, but no one, not even she noticed as the water washed away her tears from her head down to her toe and the thundering sound outside drowning out her voice. However, the pain in her chest, there was no escaping that. After one hour under the shower, the water began to cool off and Bisola started to shiver. She managed to stand up and with her finger traced words and figures on the foggy bathroom door before she collapsed. And in a flash, someone whispered, “Bisola, wake up.”

The next morning she found herself firmly wrapped in her bathroom robe. Although she was naked, she found warmth in the heat from her robe and blanket. She assumed Aisha had placed her on her bed, forgetting for a second that Aisha could not touch or lift a thing. She felt a hundred times better when she woke up and found more comfort in her story of how she’d appeared on her bed. She showered again, knowing fully well that yesterday night was just the beginning. She would have to be strong for her goal. The worst could very well be on the way. She sighed as she got into the first bus that stopped later that morning.

Anti na one-fifty o…” the bus conductor reminded her. She wanted to tell him that money was no longer her problem; she’d made more than enough in less than twenty minutes. She got on the bus on her way to report back to her master.

The bus approached the next junction where the driver stopped to let out his passengers. It was then that Bisola sighted her. It hadn’t occurred to her that she’d forgotten all about Sandra until she saw her waiting on the bus. When their eyes met, Sandra looked away. Bisola was sure this was the bus she was meant to take but the girl was pulling back to wait on another bus.

Bisola wanted to call out to her but with the passengers entering and leaving the bus, the whole scene was chaotic, she was sure Sandra felt betrayed and Bisola felt the same. Both were too busy to check up on each other and after that stunt Sandra had pulled a week before graduation, it’d been as if betrayal had loosen a screw from their five years of friendship. Bisola reminded her that she was in enough pressure to add the worries of an estranged friend to it. Her shoulders were still heavy from carrying around all her baggage, she really couldn’t add more, she told herself as the bus rolled away.

When she arrived at Tunde’s it was as if he’d known she would be coming. He offered her a glass of water which she refused.

“Suit yourself.” He said, staggering to his seat. He was always either drunk or smoking. Today he was both. After five minutes of just staring at her, boring hole into her top, seeing if anything had changed about his ex-innocent-lover, Tunde finally spoke up.

“How was it?” he asked sarcastically with a dirty and repulsive smile on his face. “Now, don’t think it was easy for me to let you go. It wasn’t.” he added as if hurt, but Bisola knew he was only mocking her to get a reaction from her. She was already bitter, she’d already lost her pride, and there was nothing he could do to her now that would intimidate her. He didn’t know that he’d already lost, so Bisola stared dead into his eyeballs and lied. “At least he was better than you.” she returned his sickening smile. Tunde chuckled, with the corners of his eyes twitching in anger. Her words had easily triggered the beast in him while she’d been able to keep her cool.

 He dropped the cigarettes stick in his fingers and asked her to release the fortune she’d received last night from the Chief. “I was going to let you keep half but that smart mouth of yours!” he grunted as if in pain, restraining himself from saying anymore. Bisola did as she was told. She had no business sharing the money she’d made with her body with someone else. Eyeing the money, Tunde’s eyes became filled with greed. He snappishly kicked the money out of her hand.

“What is that?” he asked, referring to the money that laid scattered on the floor. He was out of breath and too close to Bisola now. She could feel the heat of his breath on her face.

“Do you think I run this empire with fifty thousand naira per night?” he shouted  even though he'd already received twice more than that from Chief.

“My God, Bisola, are you this cheap?!” he blurted without expecting the slap that followed. Bisola held her hands back after she’d done it. She quickly wished she hadn’t because the look on Tunde’s overwhelmed face said that he could strangle her to death and no one would even remember she’d ever existed.

“I’m sorry,” she said, pleading for her life. “I am so so sorry, I didn’t mean to.” She continued on her knees this time. She’d done it without thinking. Tunde knew he couldn’t physically hurt her anymore since she now worked for him, but there was something much worse he could do to her so he let it go until then…


  1. Aunty Peace, this isn't fair at all o!!!!! Haba, you want to kee me with suspense, please coman give us another episode****winking my lashes*****

  2. Lol. I have to refresh my head oh before another episode will be cooked. I'm glad you're enjoying it. Comments like this makes me want to deliver 10 chapters at once. Thanks Ana! #kisses


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