Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Second Chance - Chapter Thirty

“…The worse is yet to come…”

As cautiously as she’d freed her dress ten minutes ago, Bisola grabbed the same dress from the corner Chief had flung it to and carefully reached down to the zipper hoping to zip it up to shield her back from the shameful cold rushing in. However, she found the zip to be broken, stuck in its position, neither moving up or down.

“Here,” she felt his heavy weight shift from the bed, naked, he was reaching for his briefcase. “Use it for a new dress.” He said handing her some money. She nodded without looking at him as she collected the money.

“Do you have a way of getting home I can send my driver...” The loud bang on the door silenced Chief. “I hope that is not who I think it is. That useless and senseless boy!”  The chief stated in annoyance, rushing to put on his clothes. Bisola didn’t give a damn about who was at the door, after all, they weren’t coming for her. With her shoes now secured on her feet she said, her first word since...

 “Thank you for the offer, but―” They heard someone banging on the door and frozed.

“It’s me, Bisola; I know you’re in there.” Ben’s voice rang through the heavy door. “I know you can hear me! Open the damn door!” For Bisola, the world must have stopped for a moment. But for Chief, he felt like he’d been caught red-handed by his enemies.

The Chief remained motionless for another second with his neck bead in his hand. “Did he send you!?” he shouted. “Ooooo, I see, so they paid Tunde to ruin me or was it my wife that sent you?! I should have known that boy cannot be trusted.” he sighed restlessly. Bisola had no idea what he was talking about, her thoughts were still fixed on the voice she’d heard that sounded very much like Ben’s. Why would he come? Why did he come for her?

Waiting anxiously outside without a respond, he said, “If you don’t open this door by the count of three, I’m coming in. One!” he counted. Bisola advanced towards the door on the spur of the moment, but the chief wasn’t ready to get caught and lose.  “Where do you think you’re going to?”

“He’s not who you think he is.”

“You are correct, you are very correct…he is not my driver, the only person who knows where I am apart from Tunde and that man outside is neither Tunde nor my driver so who is he? Is it money that you want? I have it…money, I have a lot of it. I… I cannot let my wife know about my connection with Tunde, I… I would lose everything; my family and my position in the society… I cannot let that happen.”

The incoherent words that Ben couldn’t quite make out was going on for too long and so he went ahead to do as he’d warned. Then, without giving Bisola and the chief another notice, he slammed full bodily like a rock against the door and the door tore open. His panicked gaze was met with the terrifying look in Bisola’s. She was standing there in the dress he instantaneously noticed she’d worn on the night they’d met. She even looked the same as she did that night, and that scared him more than it should have.

The chief on the other hand looked as if he’d seen the ghost of himself, he was absolutely petrified. “No, no, no, no,” he chanted uncontrollably in the room, “This cannot happen. I cannot lose like this. Ahn, ahn, not like this at all.” He added in his now thicken accent.

Let’s go were the only words from Ben as he took her hands in his and dashed out, leaving Chief thinking that the mansion he’d sent years building had crashed down on him in less than an hour. When Ben and Bisola were both now seated in Ben’s car, Biosla wanted to know he’d come after all so she asked quietly.

“What do you mean why? I came to save you from doing something stupid.” He said to her, bringing the car to a start.

Stupid? She laughed. “You were ten minutes too late.”

“What do you mean?!” he was confused, trying to keep one eye on the road, the other on the buddle of money on her laps, and his ears on her voice. “I need you to speak up, what did you say?”

“I said you were ten minutes late! Do you need me to repeat myself?! Ten minutes Ben, ten minutes too late!” she said madly in the car. “Seeing you there made everything worse! It was sickening I could vomit! Why didn’t you just let me get through this alone?” she cried out. “Who said I needed you by the way? Who?! Or did you forget why I was there in the first place? You sent me there, Ben; you did, so why did you come?! Why!” she screamed, her voice breaking into a million pieces that tore Ben apart. He then all of a sudden pulled the car to an abrupt stop in the middle of the road as his heart became swollen with guilt. The same guilt that had driven him out tonight now ate at him like a disease with no cure.

“And while you’re at it, saving me, why don’t you just kill us?” she breathed. As crazy as she’d gone for a few minutes, Bisola believed that death was the only thing that could wipe away the shame and disgrace she felt. Not Ben. Not him trying to play saving grace. He was the last she needed.


“Just take me home.” She said to the window of his car because, the worse is yet to come.


  1. But why are you tormenting us like this oooo?
    We've established that Ben is inlove with Bisola,

    whats next?

    1. Lol... is Bisola in love with Ben though?

  2. Errrrrrr! Someone is bout to die of suspense,I can't take this anymore. Please do something quick o. But Bisola should chill first na haba. Nice one Mademoiselle!

    1. Hehehe. Bisola, chill ke. No oo. I don't want her to at all. Thanks for reading!! Thank God for suspense sha

  3. I swear Ben thinks he is the shhh where as he is an ass. Totally agree with Bisola


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