Wednesday, June 8, 2016

A Second Chance - Chapter Twenty-Nine

Margret’s heart leaped from her chest when she heard the continuous and rapid pounding on the door. She knew who it was and his panicky voice confirmed it. She’d never doubted the extent Ben would go for his sister, not once. And tonight the feathery doubt she ever did have amounted to nothing after all. Her plans tonight had been all too sudden she hoped she hadn’t left any detail out. She ignited the last unburning candle before proceeding to invite her eager guest in.

          When the door opened Ben busted in, and having not taken notice of Margret, he began to call for his sister.

          “Ben calm down.” Margret said in a much quieter voice than Ben’s.

          “Where is she?! Judith! Judith where are you, I’m here!”
          Margret tried to make him still after she recognized she’d bitten way more than she could chew. She’d caused him more worry than she’d actually intended.

She moved to face him. “Ben,” she called quietly, taking his hands in hers.
She raised her head to meet his, searching for his eyes to be still on hers. He hadn’t even realized how fully dressed she was, neither had he realized the smell of the rose scented candle she’d bought months ago, hoping for a time when she could get to use them. He’d noticed nothing and that infuriated her. But she remained calm.

          When Ben’s unsettled eyes finally caught hers, she placed her other hand on his chest, its pace had slowed down no doubt. “Ben, there is no Judith, she isn’t here…but I am.” She announced, gradually dropping the red silky rope she’d wrapped herself in. It became dawn on Ben that he’d fallen into a trap, one that Margret had laid out using his sister as bait.

          Margret, Margret, Margret, he sang in his head, stepping away from her now naked body. “You know what,” he chuckled bitterly. “I should have known better. Judith never says please, even if she was dying she would never beg.” Ben had so much more to say to her but they all had to wait. He remained himself of the other place he really needed to be. As he was about to open the door, his sister beat him to it. When Judith saw her brother, she screamed his name out of excitement. “What a surprise!” she said hugging him tightly as if he would run away if she let him go.

          “You should have told me you were coming; I wouldn’t have bothered leaving the house in the first place. It’s a good thing I forgot my phone then.” She said still holding onto him.



          “Judith… I…”

          “Oh…” it was the image of Margret appearing in front of her that caused her to slacken off her hold on her brother. She cleared her throat, signaling that she was aware of his secret as she let go of him.

“It’s not what you think.” Ben told her precisely.

“What I think?” she let out a huge puff of her. “Since when do you care about me? Do you care to know what she’s been doing to me, what I’ve been enduring since you dumped me with her? You left me here as if I was a child in needed a nanny!”

“God not now Judith, I have somewhere else I really need to be. We’ll finish this later. I promise there is more to this than I can explain right now.”

          “Somewhere more important, clearly more importantly than me, your own blood, your little sister? Ben can you hear yourself?!” she wanted to scream.
“Judith listen to me!” he was sorry for raising his voice instead, but there really wasn’t any other way to get through to her. Yes, it felt like he was betraying his sister but he promised he would make it up to her if only she let him off just this once––again. He held her hands together. “I’ll come back for you, okay?” he said even though he’d made that same promise before when she was much younger and had failed to keep his promise, but things were different now. “I will this time. But right now, I need to go.” He said frankly with apologizing eyes. Juliet hissed, and twisting her hands from his she said, “You’re just like our father…”

Bisola had been waiting for quite a long time, hoping her prayers were answered and he wouldn’t show up as planned but unfortunately, her prayers returned back to her unanswered and she wondered if it was even heard.

He hadn’t knocked; he’d barged in like he owned the room which he did to her knowledge of how things worked. The sweaty, short, and ball headed brown man with a stomach the size of a drum even apologized for being late as he took a seat on the bed and across from her. “My driver… Infact, let’s not talk about the stupid boy when an angel like you is here. So tell me,” he said in an Igbo accent, removing his long coral bead from his neck and arms and setting them on the glass table between them. “What is your name? You must also be new, am I right, because I have never seen you before with him.” What sounded more like a congested cough and not a chuckle came out instead before he continue saying, “Tunde, that young boy, he has been saving the best for the last. I am feeling very generous tonight then.” He added but Bisola sensed eagerness too so she asked her first words since he arrived. “What do you mean by saving the best for the last sir?”

The man asked a nervous Bisola who was waiting not so patiently for an answer, “Didn’t he tell you?” When she didn’t utter a thing, he concluded that she was unaware of who he was so he moved ahead with a proper pride-filled introduction. “I am Chief Dr. Nnamdi. I own businesses here and in many countries in the whole of Africa. I am trying to dive into polities next. I need to be focused and stay away from Tunde’s girls, so like I said, this is my last encounter and the last sin I will commit against my lovely wife.”

He opened a brief case that Bisola hadn’t noticed came with him. “Here is an extra fifty-thousand naira for keeping you waiting. Now, shall we begin?” he ended in a more serious and business-like voice, indicating to Bisola that all wordy gestures were off now. And as if she’d ran a thousand miles to get there her chest began to raise and fall heavily with panic being the cause.

          “Come now angel, I am not going to bite you my dear.” He said to her like an endearing mother which made the situation creepier. But she stood up and said, “Please excuse me. I…I need to…”

          “Oh it’s fine, I know you shy girls, take all the time you need but let me warn you, I am an impatient man.” He added, falling back on the bed bare-chested. Five minutes later Bisola appeared from the bathroom and straightforwardly made her way to the bed where Chief Nnamdi remained. She unzipped her dress and unfastened the buckles of her heels and slowly crawled next to him with her weigh and his sending the bed into its doom.


  1. Nne this suspense is killing. You sure do know how to get one hooked and now am finally hooked! Nice one

    1. Hehe. Goal achieved! I think we should call this blog a suspense blog instead of a romance blog. It's truly a great feeling to still get comments even at 29 chapters. I am honored!

  2. I think I want to take the story through a different route where Ben isn't a significant factor to Bisola's growth. You'll see and read soon! Thanks for your comment. Always welcomed!


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