Friday, July 22, 2016

A Second Chance - Chapter 34

Bisola was startled up from her nap when she felt the warmth of a blanket as it enveloped her. She coughed, pushing the soft blanket aside. Ben was beside her on the long couch in the waiting room, eyes fixed on her as she rose up.

“I borrowed it from one of the nurses.” He said about the blanket.

“Thank you,” she said, subduing her strong impulse to yawn. “Hmmm…” a tired  sigh came out instead. Wiping her eyes she said to Ben, “I’m sorry I fell asleep, have... I mean has she?”

“Nah, not yet… still nothing.” He responded unfortunately. “But I know everything will be okay.”

Since there hadn't been any words from the doctor, Ben took that as a good sign at least. He wasn’t expecting a miracle, he knew Judith could lose her life with the amount of blood she lost but he still hoped for some sort of magical recovery. I guess it’s called a miracle after all.

“Are you hungry, we can go get something if you want anything? I’ll...I’ll tell the nurses in the front to call my cell when, if she comes out.”

Bisola neither refused nor accepted his kind offer instead she looked at him as if she’d never seen him. He was giving off an unpleasant smell of blood mixed with sweat.

“You need to shower, take off your blood stained clothes and,” she winced at the smell.

“Does it look that bad?” He grinned, but it was more like a smile. Bisola wanted to hiss. She asked herself why was he smiling in this situation? However she quickly admitted that even at his immediate rough state, he still looked the same––dead good-looking. She didn’t think she’d ever caught him smiling before, neither had she paid much attention to how he looked. The way his face shrunk and the corner of his eyes wrinkled, soothed his hard caramel face. God help me, she inhaled.

“How about you go home and clean up. I’ll be here waiting.” But she was getting up to leave. “I think I’ll go stretch my legs for a bit also, I think it’s losing it...”

In an impulse, he reached out for her soft hands from where he sat and pulled her in between his legs. “Thank you, Bisola,” he looked up at her and said in a low and tender voice, “I’ll never forget this.” A promise he wouldn’t forget.

Ben arrived home and immediately rushed into the shower after throwing his bloodied clothes in a dumpster. Ten minutes later, he was out, in search of a new pair of dress pants and shirt to wear. He hated wearing jeans because he felt it made him look unprofessional. As a teen and at the prime of his youthful life he’d loved wearing them but as he grew older his sense of style and fashion changed significantly. He was always seen in his best and never less. Heading back to the hospital, he stopped at a local restaurant that was still open at 7 P.M... He hadn’t bought the hot jollof rice in a take-away box now sitting in the front seat of his car for himself; instead, the emptiness of Bisola’s stomach was what he'd thought of when he sighted the charcoal sign board of the restaurant. Few minutes away from the hospital, he received the most exciting text of his full twenty-something years on earth. “They just brought her out of the operating room. The doctor said she’ll be fine.”  The text read and ended with a smiley face.

Bisola contemplated about adding the smiley face not wanting to seem too happy for him but any way, she tapped on it and sent the text. As she was dropping her cell phone back into her handbag, the recovery room door squeaked open and the same woman she’d seen earlier with Ben walked into the room. She was just as surprised to see Bisola still at the hospital and most importantly by Ben's side as much as Bisola was to see her again.

Bisola gathered her bag closely to her chest in the single chair available in the room. The young woman, Margaret walked towards the patient bed and sat down next to Judith. She had a mini carry-on bag where the meal she’d prepared for Ben was kept hidden. None of the ladies exchanged words for more than five minutes, with each having nothing to share or say to each other. 

Margaret wasn’t sure if this was the woman she was supposed to hate but for now, she was neither a friend. And when Bisola couldn’t stand the silence and the constant hateful glare from the woman across from her, she decided it was time to leave as she felt her presence was no longer needed.

“When Ben gets back tell him that something came up and I had to leave.” She lied, nothing was up or down, and nothing was waiting for her except the ghost of Aisha. And although she wanted, unexpectedly to wait for Ben, to see another smile on his face when he sees his sister for the first time since she was brought in near death, she understood she was not needed, family only she concluded.

“But where is he,” “if you don’t mind me asking.” she added slyly.

“I sent him home to freshen up, he should be here soon. Bye and take care of her.” Bisola smiled sincerely.

“I sent him home…”

“I, i, i, i!” Margaret hissed, after replaying Bisola’s words in her head. She decided then and there that if Bisola was the woman who was good enough, more beautiful, and intelligent, sophisticated enough to give Ben orders, she needed to not only hate her but also keep her far away from Ben who was hers and not up for sharing nor further argument. She was a woman who knew what she wanted and would go to whatever miles to get it. A few minutes later, an eager Ben walked into the room a nurse led him to to see his sister.

“Ohhhh,” he said slowly upon seeing Margret. He was disappointed to see her sitting in the chair Bisola had once sat on and didn’t hide it.

“I didn’t think you would be here.” He closed the door.

“I called the hospital and they said she was out so I decided to stop by. I brought you something to eat, I know you must be hungry.” She grabbed the bag of food and laid it out.

“Where’s she?”

“Who?” She replied, pretending as if she didn’t know who he meant.

“The girl who should have been here? Did she leave?”

“Oh, her? Well she said something important came up and she had to leave so?... Anyway let’s forget about that, you should come say hello to your sister.”

“What should I say to her, she’s sleeping?” He said with a hint of annoyance in his voice. He then handed Margaret the bag of food he’d bought for Bisola. “Eat it or give it to someone. I’ll be right back.” And he left.

Ben came out of the room, dialing Bisola’s number. After the third time without an answer, he hung up and joined Margret and his sister. 


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