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A Second Chance - Chapter 35

At seven in the morning of the next day, Bisola was awoken by a text message from Tunde. The message read, 
Same place, tonight.

“I can’t tonight.” She said to the phone after four hours of trying to reach him since his message but with no response.

“Read my text again,” and she did, removing her phone from her ear to view the message she’d read more than a dozen times since it came. “Does it sound like I’m giving you an option?” He requested. “Does it?”

“Okay fine.” There was no need in bickering with him, he would win. “Fine,” she said again, “But this time, I want to see my sister. You know the only reason I’m doing this is because of her so when do I get to see her?”

“Bisola,” he called and she could almost imagine the revolting look on his face as her name rolled out of his mouth which made her shiver. “I don’t think you understand the nature of your job or who you work for. You don’t ask the questions, you don’t make the requests, you follow, and I mean you do as you’re told...”

“I need to see my sister or else, I won't.” she charged, “Then you can do your worse.” Bisola was scared even though she’d left hints of bravery in her voice as she spoke to him. She desperately needed another immediate reason to sell herself again, tonight, to make it seem as if she wasn’t enjoying her job because these reasons were the only motivation that helped her pick up a dress the last time. After a moment of silent with Tunde calculating his next move and Bisola waiting for a comeback, Tunde finally said, “Okay, I’ll give you five minutes with her,”

 “Thank you!”

“But that’ll have to be after your appointment tonight.”


“No? I can take it back if that’s why you prefer.”

“No, I...I need to see her, I need to make sure she’s okay, you owe me that much!”

“I’ll see you tomorrow, with good report I’m sure.” He chipped in before disconnecting the call.

“Tunde! Tunde!” Bisola frantically called for him.

“Does Tunde have your sister?”

Bisola gasped when she turned to find Aisha standing by the door. Her secret had been found out.

“Is that why you’re doing this?” Aisha asked, standing by the door. She’d heard everything, Bisola’s motive for why she did what she’d done and her heart broke for her.

“Yes, God, yes,” Bisola broke down on the floor. There was nothing to hide now. She needed comfort, someone to tell her that everything would be fine, and someone to listen to her as she confessed every detail of the past weeks of her life. “He took her away under the false pretense that she was coming to live with me. It’s been weeks now, I haven’t seen her, I haven’t spoken to her, and she’s only seventeen! I don’t know what else to do but do what he wants me to. I’m sorry I kept it all away from you, I just didn’t think you could help...”

“Because I’m dead?”

“Honestly, yes... I don’t even know how I got myself into this mess. I thought I could honestly do it. I’ve barely recovered from the shame I felt from the last time, I don’t know if I’ll ever recover from this. I just want my sister back home to her mother.”

“And you'll get her back.” Aisha declared confidently.

“But how?! How many men do I have to go meet at these hotels before I have her back? How long am I going to do this for? How long?” she sobbed.

“Not long sweetheart, not long at all.” Aisha wanted to hold her, gather her up in her arms, to comfort her as she’d done for her since fate brought them together, and yes, fate, Aisha knew it was what had brought them together. Maybe this was how she could finally get revenge for her own death. She’d been wanting to tell Bisola for a while now but she’d felt she had no right to seek for justice for herself after the sins she'd committed with Tunde, but now, she needed to help save another girl from the life she would never wish on anyone else. She knew a lot, knew enough of his secrets, enough to land him on his deathbed, now was the time to let all his birds out. Aisha was certain that what she knew was enough to bring home Bisola’s sister. She’d had never felt this surge of confidence before and the need to fight. She hadn’t even been this confident to use all the secret information she knew about Tunde to run him out of business and save herself, but now, she was ready. Maybe with this, her nightmares would stop. She thought that maybe with this she would at least be given a cooler place in hell when she finally gets there, because she’d done things too, killed and lied for one man and it was time to end it all.

“What do we do?” Bisola asked, snuffling her running nose.

“Do you still keep in touch with Ben?”


“Yes, we need him.”

“Why? Ben would never do anything if there was nothing in it for him plus you hate him, don’t you?” Aisha, smiled, she was surprised Bisola knew Ben to that extent.

“That’s why we need to get him on board, there’s something in it for him.” Aisha then narrated the story of friendship between Tunde and Ben. How it began and how it ended in one night. “If there’s anything he wants the most on earth, that is to see Tunde burn. So we need him.” The girls nodded in agreement. Bisola later told Aisha of Ben sister after she forwarded Tunde message to him. Five minutes later, he replied, asking for them to meet. Aisha cautioned Bisola before she left for Ben’s.

“You can’t trust him yet until he tells you why he wants his head, okay?” she warned.


When Bisola walked into his home later that day, Ben was getting ready to visit his sister at the hospital. “I was just on my way to see Judith, my sister, her name is Judith.” He stated. “I don’t think I told you that yesterday. Anyway, I got your message or rather his text.”

“Yes,” she swallowed, to calm her racing chest. “I have some time to prepare...

“You won’t be needing that.” He said to her, handing her a glass of water.
“Why?” She questioned, collecting the glass and taking a sip from it, eyeing him through the glass.

“Because you won’t be going there tonight.” He added as he took a sit in front of her in his living room.

Bisola dropped the glass cup and said mockingly, “You say that as if I have a choice.”

“But you do.” He revealed, and in his face, there was no hint of jesting which stunned her.

“Ben, if I don’t go...” 

He then implied that the world wouldn’t end if she refused to go. He got up from where he was sited and advanced towards Bisola, stopping next to her feet where he squatted on the rugged floor. “It’s over Bisola, you never have to go there again, those men will never lay their fingers on you again against your wish; I promise you; I won’t let them.” He held her hands together and forced her eyes to meet his so she could see the seriousness in them. And Bisola jumped from the shock of the feel of his skin on hers. An explanation for the electricity that was created when their hands joined together had to wait, she immediately flung her hands from his and after a twinkling moment of looking at him burst out into a mad ripple of laughter. Ben pulled back, completely taken off guard by her sudden outburst.
“Oh Ben, poor Ben, do you think I did this for you?” She continued to laugh and when she could catch her breath for just a moment, she said to the confused man now on his feet. “Wait, wait, wait, you honestly thought I did all of this because of your stupid quest for revenge? Ha! This man! Na-wa-for-you-o!”

“Then why did you?” He asked, chest puffed up with anger.

“Ben, I barely know you. I would never do a thing like this, selling myself, prostitution for a stranger! And you’re a bigger fool if you thought otherwise. I did this all for my sister who Tunde stole from me. I did all this, agreed to work with you because I needed to get her back not because I was scared of Tunde, not because I wanted to keep the house he paid for, not because of your threats that if I didn’t help you he was going to take everything away from me because he’d done that even before I agreed to help you.”

Ben remained quiet, unable to compose a sentence, wondering if her aim was to make him feel stupid because that was exactly how he felt. “So you see Ben, this doesn’t end when you say stop because it never started with you! I’m going to give you what you want and in return, you’re going to help me get my sister back. This is how it’s going to be.” She concluded before leaving. Ben, with his hands on his waist and in shock of all that had just gone down watched her gather herself up and leave. 


  1. Lmao. This is very interesting and especially funny at the end. In the passage you said something about 'faith'. It's supposed to be fate. looking forward to the next chapter.

    1. Hey Natasha. Happy Sunday! You're totally correct, I always get the faith and fate mixed up. I'll quickly make the correction. By the way, I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far. Thaaaaankkssss.

  2. now this is what i have been waiting for, its beginning to get more and more interesting

  3. When do we get the next chapter? The suspense is killing & I hope we get the full story of what happened to Ben & why he wants revenge so much. Very interesting.

    1. In a previous chapter, Chapter 32, the very first 200 words or more, I'd given readers a preview into why he wants his revenge. I will still build on it in later chapters, Nigo! Thanks for reading. And 3 new chapters were just added.

    2. Thanks. I guess I will go back & review chapter 32.

  4. Keep it up dear.l am impressed.more chapters!!!


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