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A Second Chance - Chapter Thirty-Three (33)

“Go; get her to a bed. It’s a gunshot wound.”

“How long ago did this happen?”

“How did this happen?”

“Who is her legal guardian?”

“Where are her parents?”

“You need to at least answer one of my questions, Mr.?­––”

“I’m sorry, it’s Ben... And what do you want me to say? Just do your job and stop asking questions!” He snapped at the young-looking doctor. “Ben its okay, they just want to know if she’s related to you.” Margret came in, holding his hand right hand by her side. “Yes doctor, he is her brother. He wasn’t there when everything happened, I was. She did this to herself, doctor.”

The doctor sighed, “I think you should be saying all this to the police after all. And no, I don’t know if she’s going to be okay.” she said, reading the question of heartfelt concern in Ben’s eyes. I’ll do my job, I can’t promise anything but to do my job.” She nodded before leaving, uplifting herself that she could only do what she’d learned in her years in medical school and all the five months she’s been practicing. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go see my patient. Please follow Nurse Abigail to sign some papers, thank you.” She turned and left, heels clicking on the hospital tiles with no guarantee of returning with good news and that set him off.

“Shit!” Ben grunted, pressing his two hands on his head to release the pressure from the exploding pain coming from there. He would be next on the hospital bed if he didn’t find a place to sit down... and wait, something he wasn’t accustomed to doing. So they followed the nurse to sign the papers and then to the waiting room.

But why, he said more to himself when they reached the waiting room and were sited. Why would she, he asked again, forgetting that Margaret was by his side. She got up and came behind him where she began to gently massage his shoulders. While cautiously in the task of rendering Ben some relief and comfort, Margaret had a lot to say.

“Judith was never happy with me; it felt like she was a prisoner here. She preferred leaving with her brother and I think she was frustrated with your plan. You should have come to take her away before she hurt herself. I know you didn’t mean for all of this to happen. I still don’t know why you brought her to me––”

“For protection!” he exclaimed. “I was trying to...” He swallowed his guilt. Neither Margret’s words nor her massage was helping him feel any better. Maybe this was his entire fault after all. But, “I was trying to keep her safe and at that moment you were the best and only option I had.”

“Safe from what, from who?” She poked further, applying more pressure to his tensed shoulders. “Don’t worry about it.” He replied, removing her hands from his shoulder. He stood up. “I have to check up on something, call me if anything new comes up, I won’t be gone for too long.” She nodded understandably enough; shoving her hands into the back pockets of her jeans. Margaret didn’t expect what came next; Ben laid a kiss on her forehead. “Thank you.” he muttered. “I mean it.” It was just a normal-friendly-thank-you-kiss, his lips had barely touched her forehead, however to Margaret it was more––it was all.

As she watched the back of the man she was in love with walk away from her, she felt a pinch in stomach, a sickening feeling rushed into her she immediately asked a nurse for the bathroom. Had she gone too far? She asked herself, sitting in the toilet. And what if, what if Judith doesn’t make it? Would Ben ever forgive her for what she did to his sister? But then again she thought, well who’s going to tell him? Only if, she paused, only if Judith was to make it––out and alive. She filled her lungs with much needed air; she needed more though to make a phone call.

Ben walked a few more feet away from the front of St. Maria’s Specialist Hospital before dialing her number. “Pick up,” he chanted. And on the fourth ring, she said in that cold voice he was too familiar with, “What do you want?”

Want, was an understatement. What he wanted was to tell her how much he needed her by his side even though he was aware that he had no rights demanding that from her. He tried his luck; “St. Maria’s Specialist Hospital, I’m there, can you, can you meet me there. I’m sorry for asking, I’m just really messed up right now and I know you and I have no business having this conversation after everything I’ve done to you...” he knew he was talking too much, going out of character without giving it a second thought and he didn’t care.

“I’ll be there,” was all she said before hanging up because she didn’t want him to ever think he owed her anything. Meanwhile she’d come to realize that she’d done what needed to be done, no excuses, no blame on anyone but herself.

Bisola was about entering her home after her visit to Tunde’s when he’d called. She’d wanted to let the phone ring itself out but in her effort of putting an end to her annoying ring tone, she’d answered the call instead. She heard something in his shaky voice that she’d never heard or seen in him before: vulnerability and fear. Those two were the last words she was sure anyone would ever use in describing a man like Ben for the man was fearless. He was the one who always knew what to say, he had the answers, had the plan, had the map, and knew just how to take you to your destination without a scratch on his well-cut-out suit. So what had broken through him and allowed fear slip in? She wanted to know, she wanted an answer so she turned from her door step and back to the bus station.

An hour later, she was standing by his side like his knight in shining armor. Ben couldn’t hide the surprise on his face when he saw her casually stroll into the hospital; he’d thought she wouldn’t come after all. By the time she met him he’d already turned into a bag of worry and bad thoughts of the worst––losing Judith.

On her way to the hospital, Bisola had taken a quick minute to think about what could be wrong with Ben. People went to hospitals for two reasons, it was either you are the patient or you know one. She’d never once wished ill-luck on him so she bowed her head and prayed for it to be the other reason, telling herself that the only reason her heart was running over one hundred beat per minute was because she still needed him for her sister’s sake.

She wasn’t sure if her prayer was answered fully because the Ben she saw wave at her when she first came into the hospital looked as if he was on the verge of landing in a hospital bed. There were dark stains on his blue polo shirt which she later found out was blood. Not his, but his sister’s and a sigh of relief nearly followed.

“How long has she been in there?”

“A little over an hour and I’ve received no words since then.”


Finding out that Ben had a sister had only succeeded in making her more angry at his distasteful treatment of women. Being aware of his past from the bits she’d gotten from Aisha, it was repulsive knowing he had a sister all these while but had no problem making money with other people’s. She wanted to wish her all the bad luck hidden under the face of the earth and in all planets combined, but attempted suicide? That was on a whole different level of hate that Bisola had no capability of feeling towards someone she knew nothing about.

She still had no idea why he needed her to be here but she was going to pretend for once that they were fine.

“You’ll be fine, she’ll be fine. I’ll be praying for––”

“Oh there you are;” Margret called from a few feet away. “I’ve been looking all over for you.” she said when she joined them. “Who’s she?” she looked to Ben for an answer. He took her by the hand and they walked some feet away from Bisola where he told her that she was free to go now. “Look, I really appreciate your help Margret, but I think I can take it from here now.” he said to her while stealing a look back at Bisola who was paying them no attention. “I think it’ll be better if you go home and clean up the blood stains on you. I’ll be sure to let you know about any new details on Judith’s health, okay?”

Margret had nothing to say. She was in shock that he would dismiss her so easily after everything they’d been through today. “But…, she might need me here when she––”

“Margret, I got it.” he said definitely, this time suggesting that he was done with the conversation.

She complied. “Okay, okay, I’ll go. You take care and find a place to wash up too.” Margret knew the girl he kept looking at had peeped their way for a brief second when she stood on her toes to match his height and then kiss him. The kiss happened within the short moment of a blink of an eye. He’d not seen that coming and neither had Bisola who simply sent a smile their way.

“I just thought you needed that.” She explained soon after the awkward kiss ended.

“Me too…” he agreed.


  1. Yeeeeeeeeeee!!! Magret should be dealt with,I hope Judith makes it out alive. What happens to Aisha? Suspense sha. Nice one Peace

    1. Aisha is still on board, @Itua. Continue reading!

  2. the suspense tho!!!!!
    I kinda figured Margaret had something to do with what happened to Judith!!!
    Anyway Thank you Peace

    Always great

    1. Oh yeah, she definitely isn't innocent. I'll get the next chapter posted soon.


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