Monday, August 15, 2016

A Second Chance - Chapter 37

“I’m running late.” Bisola said, rushing to the door. “Last time I was there before him...” she paused as another flash of regret tugged at the short black dress she had on. She was now conscious of how short the dress was, barley covering her knees, she thought that was what was most appropriate for the occasion but now she was feeling more exposed than she’d been when she was dragged out of her mother. She dropped the shoes in her hand and straightened her back to face Aisha who understood every feeling swelling within Bisola. Why was she rushing herself again? Out of breath and about to fall on her face all because she was running out of time?

“It’s okay, Bisola, you’ll do fine.” Aisha reassured her with a smile. “Let’s hope he does his part. Just breathe.” Bisola did and after a minute slid the pair of sling-back pumps on her feet and left.

Thirty minutes later, and more than an hour late, she was standing in front of the very same door she’d knocked on two nights ago. She reminded herself of her role tonight and practiced the excuse she was going to give for why she was over an hour late and afterwards pushed the door open without knocking. She knew he, her client would be there already, waiting, impatiently for what he’d paid for.

The room was dark when she entered, and so she located the light switch in the darkness and flipped on the light. To her surprise, her client was knocked out on the bed. He’d removed his clothes excluding his suit pants, assuming she would have done the honors when she arrives if only she’d been thirty minutes earlier.

Bisola removed her shoes and approached the man whose snores could wake up the whole of Lagos and the towns nearby. She tapped his shoulders and gave his back a little pushed before turning him sideways to face her. Drooling wet spots covered the space his mouth had been before. And she turned away in disgust, “ewww,” but it was who the man was that sent cold shivers down her back even more. She immediately let go of him and stumbled back. It was him, the same man from last time, Chief... She couldn’t remember his name, only his generosity and their short night together had lingered in her mind. She was scared to look at him again, she’d thought, wanted, and even believed she would never set her eyes on him ever again.

Bisola who wasn’t equipped with the ability to read minds even though she was interestingly living with a ghost, believed that the chief had made this request for her…particularly. She could sleep with different men, she could do it every night if Tunde wanted it to be so, but what she couldn’t bear was to play the role of mistress to one man. So she quickly grabbed her shoes, rushed them on her feet and turned her back away from him. However as she was about to open the door, she heard him begin to cough, designating that she’d been caught.

He groaned lazily while sitting up right, as he said, “And where were you running to?”

Bisola, as if the door knob had caught on fire removed her hand from the golden handle.

“You should have woken me up, I’ve been waiting for you for over an hour, and because of my failing body I fell asleep just thirty minutes ago. Were you trying to run? Why my love?” he sounded concerned but Bisola knew better.

“No,” she said and turned to face him. “In fact, I have a lot planned for you, for us tonight.” She added, removing her pumps and the clip holding her hair together. Chief watched her hair fall gracefully to her shoulders as she took her first step towards him, counting them as she continued seductively until she reached him. She sat on her own accord on his laps and wrapped her arms around his thick dark neck before joining her forehead to his. “A lot, Chief.” She breathed into his ear before nipping at it, getting the old man as excited as a teenage boy at his first kiss.

Bisola had no clue what she was doing or what had gotten into her, all she knew was that whatever she was doing was absolutely necessary for the first part of her plans tonight. Survival was necessary.

“Well then would you like to shower before we?”

Bisola had to give it to him, he was a nasty old man but he was generous and somewhat caring while at his escapades. She knew he must have felt like the luckiest dog dressed as integrity and honor while whoring little girl’s when she told him she preferred they skipped to the main course. And like she knew he would, he nodded and proceed to take his usually ten minutes bite before cleaning the grease off his mouth.


           He was counting what Bisola knew was chicken change to him when she appeared from the bathroom.

“This is for you, for job well done. You see,” and Bisola preferred to see nothing, to hear nothing more from him than goodbye, let’s never meet again.

“I can’t take your money Chief.” she lied.

“Why not?” he looked surprised, angry for a brief second because he’d expected her to be on her knees thanking him for his more than generous offer.

“It’ll be best if you give it to Tunde instead I don’t want his wahala…”

“Nonsense! I’ve already paid Tunde for you tonight. In fact, I requested, specially requested he send you to me tonight for a price of two hundred and fifty thousand naira last… not that I couldn’t go higher.”

She chuckled quietly, not wanting to anger the man who she believed had no clue how the financial aspect of Tunde’s business was conducted.

“What about the fifty thousand I gave you the last time?”

“See Chief, my business with you ends when you zip up your pants, not even when I zip up mine. I’m not supposed to talk about what happens afterwards with you because Tunde is…well he is a dangerous man. I wouldn’t want to cross him.” She finished, simply put.

“Hmmph, I see. Well,” he said, closing his case of money, “That’s nothing new to me. You see, years back, Tunde once did something imprudent in the past, involving one of my tight friend and business partner…well let’s forget about that, it’s a thing of the past. I can handle him, he's a small boy. But more importantly is that I like you, Bisola,” he spoke her name for the first time, and it had the same filthy effect Bisola had imagined it would have when it left his mouth. But I can endure it before he gets here.

“I can offer you something better. By now you know what I am capable of,” he said arrogantly. And after that, it was as if the devil was sitting in his position, looking deceivingly into her eyes with all her heart’s desire in his hand, and ready to offer it all to her on a golden platter when he said, “I own many apartments, countless houses, businesses, anything would be yours if only you agree to allow me steal you from Tunde, and I mean permanently.”

“You mean if I allow you buy me from Tunde?”

“The price is not the problem, I can handle whatever the cost is but I don’t think Tunde would easily let you go. But with money, even the impossible is possible.”

God, she turned away, wishing he would stop looking at her that, like she was some ripe fruit worth spending a million naira to pluck.

“Well, you just think about it till next time.” He said, accompanied by a hideous giggle. Bisola wasn’t sure if she wanted for there to be a next time but for the sake of her plans easily falling into place, she said, “I can’t wait...”

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