Monday, August 15, 2016

A second Chance - Chapter 38

He was right at the spot he’d described he would be at when she was done for the night. He removed his resting body from his car when he saw her come into full view and prepared to play the role of driver.

          “How did it go?” he asked when they were on their way back to her place.

          “It went well, ten minutes as usual, I’ll leave you to imagine the rest.”

          “You sound like you’re enjoying this…I’m not saying you are but…”

          “But what if I am? What if I’m enjoying this old man’s attention? What if I’m money hungry? Are you going to take a knife to my throat?!”
Ben relaxed the muscles in his shoulders and held on to the steering wheel firmly, this was a good thing, her latching out on him like always, it meant only one thing to him that she of course hated what she’d done tonight and not lost in it.

          “I’m sorry you had to do that again tonight, we’ll have to find a way for you not to anymore.

          “Unless you go in my place…how does that sound?”

Ben laughed, as disgusting as the thought was, he laughed still. He’d gone soft, he admitted as they continued on their way. He knew he was asking too much questions, instead of demanding for answers like he’d normally done before. He was changing and it was getting worse with every minute he spent with her.

 He should be with his sister who needed him more than ever now, but he was with this one who didn’t give a damn about him and wasn’t afraid to show it. How quickly the table had turned and the hot content on it spilling all on him, not one drop at splashed on her corner.

“By the way, the old man I met tonight is the one we need.”

“How so?”

“Oh you should have been there. He is willing to do anything to have me and he has no problem removing any obstacle that says otherwise. You really should have been there…” and with that she closed her eyes and allowed sleep keep her hidden from what she’d done yet again tonight.

          When Ben pushed her front door open, she didn’t stir from her sleep, she was snoring like a tired chicken and he couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Tonight as he’d done before, he removed her clothes and tucked her into bed, watched her sleep until he could no longer.

In the afternoon of the next day, Bisola waited for no invitation, she barged into Tunde’s living room ready to claim her prize for the show she’d put on last night.

“Oooh Bisola,  I was just about to call you. You did it baby!" he put down his drink. You did it! I knew you had it in you, Bisola, I knew you did!” he hugged her, squeezing the life out of her small figure.

“Have what? And did what exactly?” she said, pushing at his chest to let go of her.

“Chief wired an additional five hundred grand into my account last night. How… how did you get him to do that?”

“I don’t know, I just did what you told me to. I guess it worked.”

“That’s right and this, Bisola, this calls for celebration. You and I,” he pointed to himself and then at her, “You and I,” he reached for her, holding her shoulders down. “I swear it, we’re going to move mountains together, we’re going to finish building this empire with you by my side, as my queen, how would you like that?” he was panting according to the excitement in his racing heart. With his head tilted slightly to match Bisola’s height, he smoothly raised up her jaw, forcing her dark eyes to meet his. “Say the words and your sister will walk out of that door straightaway.”

This is it, Bisola acknowledged. It suddenly occurred to her that the Chief had been sadly genuine when he said he had all it took to have her for himself. He really was her ticket out of this mess, she thought and exhaled thankfully.

“Is that a yes?” Tunde asked, hoping he’d convinced her enough to stand by his side, fight for him, whore for him, and make them millionaires.

She nodded before slipping away from him. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” she chanted convincingly happy.

“Do you know what this means?” she asked the one who was being taken for a fool.

“No…why don’t you tell me.” He laughed, joining in on her new found interest.

“Tunde think! It simply means we can make more money, recruit more girls and make them work for us. We would be Billionaires in a matter of a year!” she was gushing with excitement, one that Tunde thanked the moon and stars had finally settled within her. He had no other way of showing how contented he was to have her agree to share this dark part of his world with him than to force a kiss on her. “I’ve missed this.” He said, forcing another one on her closed lips. “I love you, Bisola, I still do. I never stopped, not once.” He admitted cheaply. “We can start all over, you…me, and our new partnership. I… I can’t do this without you. Say you understand? Say you do?” he tugged at her lips for answers and he got it; one that was wide open to millions of questions he was too blinded to see and ask. 


  1. Omg!!! Peace i have been praying, checking your site if there's any update. You can imagine how i felt when i saw 3 chapters (thank you lol).

    1. Awww. I'm happy you're happy!! I will try harder dear.

  2. Very nice I can't wait to see how all these plays out. More please more πŸ˜€. I know it takes time to write so I will try to wait patiently.

  3. Thank you for this, we have been waiting for a while !!!!

    1. I know! Had to do 2 more months in school for the summer. Took all my time and reasoning.

  4. somehow I stumbled on this blog day before yesterday and I've been glued reading second chance and I don't want to leave without finishing the story..... please biko, post the remaining.... well done and God bless you!!

  5. My eyes are itching to read the rest of the story in 39 till the end,the whole story is exciting, suspence,so many things happening almost at the same time,pls post on time plsssssssss


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