Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Second Chance - Chapter 39

Tunde got off the phone with the famous Chief, his only reasonably paying client for the past three weeks and Business was set as usually. Two times a week, same place, same time, and the imbursement kept increasing. Now they were over five hundred thousand naira per week and he had no doubt in his mind that the Chief wouldn’t go higher if he made such demand. Tunde was in control of the old man’s money, and most importantly he was in control of Bisola. He knew that and he clung onto it like a rope he also knew could slip at anytime.
“It’s set.” He said to Bisola and she thought she heard a hint of displeasure in his voice. She didn’t ask about it and who it was he’d spent only thirty seconds on the phone with because it was that fast; their arrangements no longer took an hour to make because she was now his eager partner. There was no longer force, no harsh words exchanged between them, all love he would frequently describe their new partnership as because she was doing as he said without a flinch, without a fight.
Nonetheless, today something was different. She watched him pour himself a drink, lit up a cigarette as he always did and leaned backwards for comfort before taking a sip. It was after he’d snappishly removed the cancer stick from his now tightened mouth because his hands were shaking as he drew in the smokes that she gathered she’d mistaken unhappiness for comfort.
Bisola didn’t want to be on one of his many bad sides today so rising up from the black sofa in his living room she asked, “Can I go now?”
“Humph” he hummed, glaring at her. “Maybe it’s time you come live with me. How about that? If we’re really going to do this I need to know you’re one hundred and ten percent mine. I need to know where you are and who you meet with.” And then he chipped in a lie, “For your own protection.”
“I’ll think about it.” She started to leave.
“I’ll get a moving van to your place tomorrow afternoon. It’s time I shut the house down.” He commanded.
“Do whatever you want.” she added without any fuss and left. Once outside, she heard the sound of shattering glass and laughed until she felt tears build up in the corners of her eyes. Bisola held onto her stomach and took a deep breath to calm the excitement mixed with blood running wildly through her veins. However, after the excitement reached a brink, Bisola acknowledged the simple fact that nothing about her partnership with Tunde was amusing and afterwards, an overwhelming sense of reality settled in. He still had her sister even though she was being well fed, clothed and kept away from their affairs, he still had more power than her, he had everything in reality she continued; everything but me.
Ben thought about her today as he was leaving his office. What was he going to do with her, how would he keep her safe when the disaster of his plans with Bisola hits, and how much of the hot mess would spill on her? She lived with him now not out of his own volition but out of her clinginess to him. Judith didn’t want to be with Margret any longer and he couldn’t come up with another way to change her mind since her incident. She now lived with him, ignorant of the troublesome fire her brother was currently setting.
He wanted them to meet, his sister and Bisola. She’d said she would think about it but that was a week ago. He’d gotten used to her doing what she wanted and doing none of what he wanted­, the worst partner he could have asked for. But her innocence in the steam of her I-am-strong eyes was what had made him foolishly decide she was the scapegoat he needed for his revenge, however, the table has since turned on him and he was the one left eating crumbs from the palms of her hands. Unfortunately she deceived him, she was always stronger and wiser and chose to make him otherwise.
He became jealous of Tunde, which then turned to pity, to have had three years with a woman like Bisola and not being able to embrace all the positive essence oozing from her. He also pitied Bisola, how she must have felt being with a man who had no compassion in his heart, who would on any day readily feed her to his wolves, who when he looked into her dark eyes only saw a money bag, a woman he could exploit for his own self-centered reasons. But he’d been no different, a tiny voice, the one he’d been beating down for years to a whisper poked its head out and spoke for the first time in months as he drove into his garage. The vibration form his phone disrupted the unending battle with his consequence that was about to begin if he’d stayed in his car another second. It was Bisola. She wanted to finally meet with his sister and he was free to come along with Judith to her place. They’d set the time at 7p.m, giving them two hours to prepare if needed.
When he told Judith about dinner plans, she was indifferent about it, not wanting any details about their host or shunning airy details Ben shot her way as they drove there. Ben on the other hand was looking forward to seeing Bisola, especially in a setting that was unlike their previous meetings, where they could straighten their backs as they ate and look across from each other under a different light. And he hoped, hands squeezed on the steering wheel, he hoped she sees him like she’d never done before.


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