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A Second Chance - Chapter 41

“The voices, I…I can’t stop them.” She told Bisola. 

They were telling her to do things that she knew she wasn’t capable of…and neither did she know she could do this, send the world shaking right inside Bisola’s home. The ground beneath them became terribly upset and started to sway as if it grew legs of its own. Bisola quickly grabbed onto the wall of the kitchen but even that was threatening to fall by the slightest touch. The plates and spoons on the dinner table were all crashing to the floor now as the table began a frantic dance of its own born from terror similar to the one that now had Judith dumbfounded.

          “Ben, what’s happening?” she asked, her first calm words spoken to her brother since they started their heated clash. Ben took her into his arms while worried eyes looked around for Bisola in the midst of the chaos.

          “Is it an earthquake?” She asked, holding on tighter as the violent shaking continued, sending the pair jumping to save their lives when the ceiling fan above them crashed to the floor.
          “We need to get out of here.” She was doing the talking; leaving Ben to do the thinking, and he wasn’t going to leave without her.
          “We need to get Bisola, stay here.” He commanded, leaving her to look for Bisola. He found her on the kitchen floor, holding on dearly to its wall, head down and waiting for the nightmare to end.

          “Bisola,” he called for her when he saw her.

“Oh Ben,” she ran into his arms after she heard his voice.

“Thank God you’re okay, I don’t know exactly what’s going on, maybe an earthquake?”
“An earthquake?” she almost laughed. “God no, this is…this is worse than an earthquake and I don’t think we can stop it. I told you to stop but you didn’t listen. The back and forth with your sister, that’s what started all this. That’s what made her angry!” She shouted, wishing there was more she could say, another way to explain what was happening. How would she tell them that a ghost was losing its damn mind in her home and had sat with them, watched them while they ate, and hated them in addition?

“Wait, are you putting this on me? And who’s her?”
“You don’t want to know. Let’s just find a way to end this or get out of here.”

They both soon found out that there was no hope in that; the front door was jammed lock and no amount of pull, body slamming against it was going to break it open. Judith began to cry, chanting, “We’re all going to die. We’re all going to die. I don’t want to die.”

“Do something Ben!” she yelled. Ben pulled out his cellphone, hoping he could call for help from the outside but his phone was dead.

“I swear this thing was at a hundred percent when we got here. Something isn’t right and I…I can’t exactly say what it is.”  He began pacing back and forth. “We can’t be trapped in here, something isn’t right.”

With a panic-strickened Judith freaking out and a clueless Ben beating himself up for a way out of the house they were all guessing was going to crash soon, the only person with some real sense of what was going on became determined to end it.

“Please stop now.” Bisola said quietly with her eyes closed.
“Please stop? I’m trying to figure out a way out of this!” Ben said, assuming Bisola was referring to him.

“I said stop!” She yelled and immediately, a chilling stillness took over the room.

“Just stop.” She repeated faintly.

Aisha was nowhere to be found but Bisola could feel her presence in the now frigid room. “You’ll burn out if you don’t let yourself breath,” she heard Bisola say, but how could she—breathe?

“The voices, I…I can’t stop them.” She said to her friend through the coldness and hope Bisola could hear it in her voice that she didn’t want to hurt anyone but she wasn’t in control of herself and she couldn’t breathe to save all of their lives.

Bisola thought if Aisha could hear her then she wasn’t completely gone. She could still resolve this. So immediately she said, facing Ben, “I need you to say you’re sorry, I need you to apologize as…as if you’re doing it to your sister. Please.” She knew she wasn’t making any sense but she had this tingling sensation, a feeling that told her that all Aisha needed was someone to take the blame for what had happen to her and the only person fit to do so at that moment was Ben.

“What would I be apologizing for? I haven’t done anything to her.” He stated with some fire still left from their fight.

“Then say it to me. Tell me you’re sorry.” She added urgently.

And it was that urgency in her vocie that scared him. “Bisola, what are you saying?” he knew what she meant but how could she be bringing that up now? “Why do you want to do this now?” he asked, looking around for his sister who was standing clueless, watching them.

“Tell me you’re sorry for sending me out that night, for every night I’ve gone out since then. I think this is the only way to forgive you—”

Wanting to shut her up before she spilled anymore in front of Judith he acceded, saying, “But I am sorry! Didn’t you know that already? Every night... I wait in my car for you to come out, I wish for another way we could do this, for us to win without losing, without you giving up so much of yourself…but how is this helping anything?” he snapped back quickly.

“Oh, it’s working.” Judith announced astonishingly. The room was getting back to its normal temperature, the shaking was dying and everywhere was becoming whole again.

Ben too was amazed. “I need you to start talking. You knew I was bringing Judith here and…”

          “Oooh, your sister, so you do care? Okay then, would you like for her to be here while I explain what just happened?” He didn’t answer; suspecting that whatever Bisola had to say had something to do with the side of him he didn’t want his sister or anyone else to know about.
          “That’s what I thought.” She tried the front door now and it easily opened. When Ben came outside, he saw no sign of a possible earthquake; no one was running for shelter, the night was cold, dark, and silent as it should be. So what had happened?

          “I have a ghost living with me.” She announced directly. “ She’s…”


          “Yes, it’s a she. I know this makes no sense and you have to admit that nothing that’s happened tonight makes sense either but she’s been living with me for months now.”

          “Months? Bisola look, I know we’ve had a crazy evening, I agree, one that deserves a crazy explanation but this… this is just outrageous. Don’t make up stories to cover it up; we’ll come up with a better explanation later.”

          “Then how do you explain this?”

          “What?” he asked, looking around for the answer.

          “I know that all your wealth, all the money you have came from your partnership with Tunde.”

          “Of course you knew that already so?”

          “I know that you joined him in selling girls off to older men, like what Tunde is doing with me now. I know you did it with him for years.”

          “Bisola stop.” It was more disturbing to have someone read out the story of his life to him like a damn bedtime story. She needed to stop but Bisola had other plans.

          “I know about Aisha too.” She said next in order not to lose him so soon.

He staggered back, baffled by her knowledge of this one particular piece of information. “Aisha? How the hell?” He hadn’t heard that name since the day before he was kidnapped from his home and beaten to near death. How could Bisola have known about his connection with her?

          “I know what you and Tunde did to her; how you used her to get rich, how you promised her a future but instead gave her hell!”

          “I didn’t do that, he did. Tunde did it all. I need you to believe me. I’ve made some terrible mistakes and I’m trying to correct them now. Im not even half of what Tunde is. But what does she have to do with anything?” He still didn’t see a correlation between what had happened tonight and its overall involvement with Aisha or his dark past.

          “She’s dead... gone.” 

          “What are you talking about? That can’t be right, you can’t be right. Who told you about her? Is he making you do this?” 

          “Nooo. But believe it or not she died on the same night I came to you, at the same hotel. I’d mistakenly gone to the wrong room that night before coming to you and witnessed only the end of it. She came to me that night, well her ghost did, and she has been living with me ever since. We’re…connected in a way that I can’t explain. Bisola knew she sounded crazy but she didn’t mind, she just wanted to get it off her chest so she continued. She was here tonight, she planned this evening, and she wanted to meet Judith. I think... no, I’m sure Tunde had her killed because she was trying to leave him.

          “I don’t know where you got all this from but there’s so much more you don’t know Bisola...

“Then tell me! Tell me so I can help put this girl to rest. She has suffered enough, dead and alive. Everyone has. So just pretend for a minute that you believe I’ve been living with a ghost and tell me everything. I think it’s time to cross that bridge now, don’t you? I’m tired of keeping secrets are you not?”

“Of course I am!” He screamed. “God, you have no idea how much I want to, its killing me but…”

“But what? You still think I’m your enemy?

“No, far from that, very far from that.” But how could he tell her he was afraid of losing her, afraid of losing something he didn’t have and will never have? The silence which has been tearing him apart was now given a chance to speak and he stood there, watching her, contemplating whether to accept this offer and risk the chance of having Bisola hate him forever?

But love, is for the risky, he heard a tiny voice say and without holding back, he came undone infront of her.


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