Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Silk Dress

Civilization is like a thief
It comes and takes something from you
If it isn’t your name then it’s your culture
If it isn’t your culture then it’s your language
If it isn’t your language then it’s your religion
It forces you to change
To forsake all you once were
Then it dresses you in silk
And paints you a paradise with lots of food
For your never before hungry belly
It takes your fruitful land
And makes promises of one with milk and honey
It’ll teach you a new song
It’ll tell you a joke
And you’ll laugh and laugh
And dance and dance
And when it leaves
It can do two things
If when it leaves it chooses to take you with it
It will strip you of your title
Take you across the sea you’ll never see
Brand you its property
And there goes your freedom

Then it will bind you with rusty chains
One around your neck
Suffocating your cry for freedom
And another around your legs
To keep you from running towards what you’ve lost
But it will leave you with two brown eyes
So you can watch it beat your wife and sons and daughters to submission
And as for your beautiful and fruitful daughters,
They will bear its Master’s son’s daughters and sons
To be sold across the Atlantic Ocean

But dry your tears for there is hope
For your brothers and sisters it forgets behind
It will leave them empty and with a new name
A new language, a new God, a new faith,
Yet an old face.


  1. That silk dress made me remember something from wattpad or so .

    Back to the writeup
    Is like yesterday was kind of fore black Americans memorial /remembrance

    1. The title reminded me of a story i read in high school. I had to double check to make sure it wasn't already in use.

      Not only for Black Americans Beloved, all Africans too.

    2. Okay

      Silk dress is like materials that are meant for people that don't have his or her in the story I read the girl -the princess had to put on silk dresses against her wish but just to please her uncle and her people .

    3. Wow! Thst was such a great interpretation. I totaly see how you could relate it to this poem.


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