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Hey guys! Nigerian Romance Stories is a site where you can read free E-books written by Ufuoma Otebele. We will also host posts by other writers and we will be sure to have their name next to the specific post. So tell us what you liked and did not like so we can all improve more. We are all learners and one can never write too much.

I hope you all have fun reading.

Thanks to everyone who always visit and read. And also to those who always leave a comment, thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

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  1. Hi Peace!

    You are doing an amazing job here! God bless you and give you direction for greater achievements. Please can you endeavor to finish your stories? A lot of the stories are left unfinished.


    1. Hello dear reader, thanks for your support! As for finishing up stories, I will get to them all. Be patient with me as we work together! Have a blessed day and thanks again.

  2. HiPeace,

    Love your stories. I would love to work with you on some relationship/partnership with my firm. If you are interested you can call me on 08188448708.


Thank you guys for always reading,